Texas Revolution By Deondre' Wilson and Conner Marshal

The Key People

Santa Anna- He is a Mexican ruler that's also a Mexican general who led the Alamo to go against the Texans because Texas was in Mexico at the time and Santa Anna killed 350 people.

Steven F. Austen- This guy was one of the agents of the empresarios who moved 300 people to San Antonio

Colonel William Travis - Travis was stalling the Mexicans so the Texans can get more people to fight the Alamo

Sam Houston- Sam created a town named Houston and made it a capital which is also very popular now

Mexico had a unprotected border so Mexico was all ways worried about Americans coming and attacking them at any time, at any moment until a Mexican priest led a rebellion of about 80,000 Indians and mestizos and the rebellion grew more, and so then empresarios came and then American settlers flocked the region so in exchange for free land and Americans settlers have to follow the laws of Mexico

In October 1835 the Mexican army tried to remove a cannon from the Texans and the flag said "come and take it" and the Texans lost though and the Texas Independence war had begun.

The Texans actions angered Santa Ann and then the real war began and Santa Anna started an army to stop the rebellion , while the Alamo was gathering troops Texans was also was getting troops to stop the Alamo

The Battle of Goliad was the second skirmish of the Texas Revolution. In the early-morning hours of October 9, 1835, Texas settlers attacked the Mexican Army soldiers garrisoned at Presidio La Bahía, a fort near the Mexican Texas settlement of Goliad.

Santa Anna chased the forces the forces of Sam Houston away


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