Life Science Assessment By: Megan Ruth

What is Science? Science is a logical way to explain the universe. What two things can science study? One thing science can study is life and how it works. The second thing science studies would be the universe like planets, space, stars, and much much more. What are two things science can't study? (Science can't study things you can't get evidence for). One thing science can't study are opinions. The second thing science can't study is religion.
Science can study life because we can gather evidence for it. we can take pictures, we can test the sap on a tree or take blood cells from an animal and study it. Science can study the universe because we can go there in a shuttle of some sort and bring back things like space rocks and study them with special instruments. Science can't study Opinions because they are bias and there is no evidence for someone's preference. Science can't study religion because we can't prove there is a god.

The basic need of life.

1. We need water to survive 2. We need food to survive 3. We need a home or environment to survive 4. We need energy to survive 5. We need to reproduce to survive 6. We need to evolve to survive
structures of a starfish: The starfish's mouth is on the underside that helps them because of the way they move, if it were to scoot on top of a dead whale and the mouth was on the top it would starve to death and the species would go extinct. so when they crawl on top of a dead whale they are able to munch on the whale as much as they want and never have to really struggle at all. Starfish are able to regrow limbs. This is good because if they were limbless it would be extremely hard to get around.
Behaviors of a starfish: The starfish push their stomach out their mouth because they have no teeth so there stomach pulls the food in and digests it right there. The starfish moves very slowly it allows them to not use a lot of energy.
my definition of a good model would be a model that can work like the what ever your modeling although it doesn't have to look like it unless your told it does. We would use a model to see how the "thing" works. we would also use a model to possibly see the parts of the "thing" and then learn about it.
A system is a group of objects or in our case organs that benefit a larger system and in our case our body. The circulatory system is a small system in the larger human body. the circulatory system pumps blood around the body helping to have oxygen every where we need it.
The animals living in this wreaked airplane work together to keep themselves alive.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA Blue Marble 2007 East" • Kingsway School - "open evening (17 of 57)" • Kiran Kumar G - "Life" • clondike7 - "Water" • Muffet - "raspberries macro" • fr4dd - "IMG_0235" • PIRO4D - "sparlampe energy saving bulbs" • basykes - "Baby" • torbakhopper - "evolve" • Ed Bierman - "Walking starfish" • Peter Kaminski - "Hi, There!" • jurvetson - "My Space Travel Dreams" • evillalba - "Skeletal System" • arhnue - "seaplane palau shipwreck"

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