Harn Museum Tour By George William Dyche III

Last Wednesday my buddy Chris and I went to the Harn Museum and saw all the beautiful artwork it had to offer.
People see the different photos and just see very detailed pictures of monuments and other structures. It's not until you are up close and personal with the pictures can one truly appreciate how detailed each piece of art is and also the attention the artists paid to it. Something I really appreciated was the sharp lines and contrast in a black and white picture which most would expect to be all about the lines. If art communicated something to me in these photos it would have to be that there are two sides to everything just like the contrast in the works. I personally love architecture and thats what really spoke to me and made me appreciate it.
My favorite exhibition in the museum is the one that is currently the "Meant to be shared" exhibit because of its oval design. Everywhere you stand in the exhibit their are photos in every direction so it just encompasses you. Also I love the overall design because it is so evenly spaced and portioned on both sides and the exhibit doesn't feel unevenly balanced.
This piece of art speaks to the value of integrity and respect for me. The art speaks to integrity because it is so natural and honest. Chamberlain didn't try to make it into something else but instead used what he had and made the most of it which is where respect comes from. He respected not only this piece of art but all of his other works. He would take simple industrial materials and make the most out of so little. For example, with this work he took a chuck of aluminum and sprayed it with color to make this piece of art. I also liked the other works in the exhibit for their vibrant colors and abstract features.
Frida Kahlo is quite literally a symbol for what the Good Life is, and how, no matter your circumstance, you can overcome it to enjoy the life you have. She battled disease, injury, and many other obstacles but still loved her husband and has a legacy that only few artists have been able to surpass. Anyone who knows her story and history can truly appreciate everything she had to offer. Her theme that she evokes is that no matter the obstacle, anything can be overcome. Frida Kahlo speaks to me because she could be happy even when the world came down. Personally I get upset over small things and she shows me how small they really are and how to make the most out of a bad situation because without her injury would she have ever discovered her art skills?


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