Good Life Performance ATTILA NAGY

The Social Experience: I attended the performance with my friend, Micaela. I befriended her after my first semester, when we had a class together but did not talk much. I was incredibly shy back then, but this semester, since we have biology together, we started hanging out. This was our first big "date", if you can call it. I got ready by 6:30 PM and left my apartment. At first I was nervous that I would be late because the traffic was heavy due to an ugly accident, but fortunately I was punctual. It was nice dressing up for this event because the arts are such a huge part of my being. I value theater, for I was a drama kid back in high school. Ultimately, this play brought out my inner drama "fan-girl", and I am currently considering auditioning next semester for one of the plays. My friend and I had a lot of fun and we discussed the themes after the show, which I thought was neat. We ended up staying for the questions, which further enhanced the whole wonder of the event. In brief, I believe the role of shared experiences in the Good Life is crucial because it is essential to discuss events with others due to their divergent perspectives. Making memories with others is part of the good life so that we can remember what experiences we went through.
The central theme of the play was growth, which comes with the good life. Our main character Michaud experienced a sense of enlightenment when he learned about the wrongdoings of the priests. Initially, he was remarkably passionate about his faith, which ended up being tarnished when he hears the tragedy that happened to Talbot. The scene when both men are getting ready for bed serves as the climax of the play since that is when Michaud abandons the church. Before I saw the play, I knew an extensive amount of information regarding the Industrial Revolution, when illegal child labor was prevalent. To me, that foreshadowed the death of Leo Talbot. Overall, the play showed me the religious hypocrisy that is still existent today. It also taught me the importance of the arts that impacted past societies. In comparison with the present, my personal experiences reflect the themes of the play. Coming to UF, I had an uncontrolled amount of enthusiasm and confidence that was ultimately shattered by reality. I learned about the importance of friendships and relationships, and how much dedication is truly needed for the college experience. I was rather depressed last semester because of my "enlightenment".
The Spatial Experience: As I entered the theater, I was amazed by the size of the stage and the room overall. Coming from a high school with a petite auditorium, I was mesmerized by the spaciousness of this place. We ended up sitting in the back, which I liked because I saw all the audience members. The design of the stage with all the intricate props was phenomenal, thus intensifying the whole experience. For example, when the beds turned into sewing machines, I was blown away. As the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I was reminded of my performances back in high school, namely the "Beauty and the Beast", in which I played Belle's father, Maurice. Also, since it was opening night, I could almost sense the nervousness that the cast members must have experienced as the curtain first opened. All in all, I believe the role of place in the Good Life is to provide a sense of security for people pursuing it. Personally, I felt connected with the theater with a sense of comfort that only few places can provide.
The Emotional Experience: The play's catharsis centers around religious hypocrisy. Priests often sexually molested young children, a practice still evident today. Such uncomfortable topic fits the stage because it sheds light onto such a grand issue. Ultimately, it is the arts that educate people on taboos like rape, sex, religion, incest, etc. This play depicts that side of the theater. Furthermore, the cruelty of child labor can also be seen as an opportunity for catharsis since it is still a common practice in developing countries.

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