California Ranch Land, Migrant Workers and Bunkhouses Olivia Richardson, Makaila Waltz, Collin Potter and Bruno r.

People migrated to California during the Dust Bowl to find lands suitable for them.

Many people emigrated from Oklahoma, so they were known as Okies.

They migrated to California because of the drought conditions and erosion.

California provided opportunities for work for displaced farmers.

Salinas Valley

One of the most productive agricultural regions in California. People who lived in the Salinas Valley lived in trailers or camps.

Before colonization, the valley was inhabited by indigenous Salinas, who lived by hunting, and spoke their own language.

Population in California increased 1.3 million during the 1930's

Crops were harder to grow because of the condition dust left behind

Camps were filled full of migrants, and the conditions were often horrible

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