Beginning Drawing Portfolio Leea VandenBerg


This is my first art class I've taken in high school, and since seventh grade. I really love and enjoy this class because it almost feels like it's not a class at all because I really enjoy working and making new art. All of the new techniques we have learned so far this year have helped me immensely to become better as an artist. The goals I have with art are to make beautiful things and pictures according to me and working on new skills and techniques. I don't strive to win contest because I want art to be something I can enjoy and like to make and look at versus competing against people for "the best art" according to one or few people. I love seeing in class how everyone works differently and has a certain style or different creativity when it comes to themselves making something. Every single thing we have learned this years has helped me create art to look more realistic, readable, or unique in the way I want it to depending on the project.

Elements Drawing

Doing this elements drawing helped me to understand better different techniques to use when making art. Some parts that helped me more were value and different darkness and lightness, and line with using different types of lines to create different shapes.

Negative/Positive Drawing

One of the first projects we did was a negative, positive drawing. For this I decided to draw Nikki Sixx circa 1983, because I thought drawing his hair in a negative space and shape would look cool. On the negative side of the drawing I used the black space to trace out and form the hair and later using an eraser for thin detail and to form the shape of the hair and shoulder.

Before (left) and After (right) Hand Drawings

For my before hand drawing, I didn't use any value or space to do any details or shading instead I just drew out the hand. With the after hand drawing I made the hand a positive space with shading, blending, and color, while I left the background a negative space so that the hand would look more realistic in value.

Side Profile Drawing

For my side profile drawing, I didn't want to do myself again after just doing my own self portrait so I decided to draw Vince Neil.

Stippling Piece

For my stippling piece, I wanted to draw roses because I thought it would look nice and pretty with the stippling technique. I never knew stippling was a thing until this class and I think it looks really pretty. I put value into the spaces I wanted darker to make the roses look realistic and shaded. Once I finished with one rose though I thought the rest of the paper was to blank so I added more roses to fill in the space and more dots around to add more value.

Still Life Drawing

With my still life piece I wanted the glass to be the center piece because out of everything there was it caught my eye. I wanted to try and use the white charcoal to create the texture and shine coming from the glass and metal. Although I made the glass my center piece, I didn't want to leave all my space blank and boring so I decided to add what I saw fit in the space with the skeleton.

Scratchboard Drawing

Out of all of our projects this was one of my favorites because I thought it turned out and looks perfect, and just like my precious baby Zimmerman. The reason I wanted to do Zimmerman once I found out we were using animals is because I thought doing something that meant something to me was a good idea and being my first ever pet I got to own myself, it was a great idea to do a fluffy little bunny. To create the texture of fur I used the knife to make little tiny strokes of lines that turned out to look like fur. Although cross hatching was recommended for a bold solid color, I decided not to use it since I wanted to keep all of the fur looking right. With the knife I usually used light pressure to keep all of the fur looking the same, but I used a heavier pressure to create some of the bolder outlines of fur and around the space of the eyes, nose, and ears to create the value of them there.

Two Point Perspective Drawing

For my two point perspective drawing I decided to do the tree house. This project was where we learned about vanishing points and how to connect different horizontal and vertical lines to a vanishing point to create a 3D effect in shapes. We also learned about horizon lines and how to give the effect that something is on the ground in a certain spot and 3D.

Before (left) and After (right) Self Portraits

With my before and after self portraits I found drastic changes in almost all elements. After learning new techniques and how to shape different parts of the face I learned how to blend pencil to make different parts darker and lighter. I also used different pressures with the pencil to make darker and lighter or bolder lines according to what part of the drawing im working on. Everyone that has seen my self portrait after says that it actually looks like me.

Oil Pastel Project

Although I haven't finished my oil pastel project yet, I plan to finish and have all of the colors filled in, this is the project I find most challenging because it's near impossible to make small details with the oil pastels.


Out of all the projects this semester, I enjoyed them all and like my end results very much besides my oil pastel I wish I would've done something easier. My goals for the future are to go to beauty school and be a licensed cosmotologists. I think taking art classes can help me reach my future goals because using makeup and doing hair or nails is a certain form of art which can use some of the same elements you find in art class.

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