Matthew: acting, editing / Dylan: storyboard, acting / Coco: acting, props / Luna: shooting, booklet(colour palette)

Red lipstick, Classroom, White, "I prefer cheese."

Earl Haig Secondary School is the home of Toronto's newest drug craze, a brain boosting drug, code name S.T.E.M. which stands for Seriously Toxic Enhanced Mind. Matthew Lu (journalist) meets up with a dealer (Dylan Wang), an enthusiast (Coco Liang), and documents the experiences at Earl Haig.

The student, addicted to S.T.E.M.(Coco Liang). An earnest student has become a fanatic of S.T.E.M., since she experienced its magical effect- affect her marks significantly. She usually buys the one, in which has artificial cheese flavor. "I prefer cheese."

The dealer(Dylan Wang) has worked in this field for years. He makes S.T.E.M. by himself by blending the ingredients and put them into the lipsticks. He reveals the realities of his situation throughout the documentary.

The journalist(Matthew Lu) introduces and narrates the entire documentary as a host. He visits Earl Haig Secondary School to find out and show the facts and the actual condition of S.T.E.M., its dealer, and addict.

The colour that we were given- white- represents purity, unlike the actual miserable situation. The colour palette of the documentary is to be quiet but bright so that it is in contrast to its content.

Props that we need: Red lipstick, money, ingredients(hazelnut, salmon, walnut, olive oil, blueberries), paper, book, pen, white table clothes, white socks, white shoes, and white pants.

Location 1 : Path , Outside of Earl Haig Secondary School

Location 2: Street on the way to dealer's house

Location 3: Inside of the dealer's house

Location 4: Booth (class) - Laboratory

Location 4: Hallway, Earl Haig Secondary School

Created By
Mattie B


Created with images by Wokandapix - "classroom school desks" • digitalbob8 - "digital-drugs-binaural-beats" • MattysFlicks - "Self portrait - Enjoying the finer things in life!" • HereStanding - "Study" • basykes - "Physics Book" • terimakasih0 - "hands writing diary" • natureaddict - "pokemon pokemon go phone" • tiburi - "media microphone hungary" • allynfolksjr - "untitled image" • limpingfrogproductions - "Behind the Scenes: LimpingFrog Productions defines "Sacrifice" during Operation Giveback" • annca - "lipstick cosmetics lips" • TBIT - "dollar bank note money" • Hoksbergen - "sea fish on ice" • Pauline Mak - "Walnuts" • PublicDomainPictures - "biology research laboratory" • PublicDomainPictures - "lab research chemistry"

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