Civilization Review by: matthew chester

What is the game/ why did we play it? -- its about evolution and what happens during every era / my teacher wanted us to experience what it felt like to run a entire civilization.

was your civ. a success or failure? -- im going to have to say it was sorta in between. because yes we did die earlier than expected. but also we did learn alot of stuff and destroyed alot of city.

why with evidence was it a success or failure? at the end of the game we lost Tomorrow land, baghdad, and allana city

was classroom leadership used appropriately for success? -- yes it was, but we didn't succeed

what would u change i u really had to do it? -- i would work more on defense and military. also i would make my territory bigger and expand my culture.

would your class strategy work in real life? -- honestly, no no it would not.

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