No Safety in Numbers Character page By:gavin dissinger


Ryan is a dynamic character in no safety in numbers because he goes from quiet to helpful.

At the beginning of No Safety In Numbers the author says "ryan would of been out of toxic with zombie make-up in his hand"(Lorentz,23).

The quote above shows that Ryan is a normal teen at the mall.

In the middle of the book the author said "this was the moment ryan sprang from behind the mini van and charged at the cop full speed"(Lorentz,189)

This quote reveals that Ryan has changed because he went to the mall like a normal teen now hes tackling cops.

Later in the book the author says "Ryan had never read so much in his life"(Lorentz, 185)

This quote shows that at the beginning of the book he hasn't read as much as he has now when locked in.


Ryan was a dynamic character because he first came to the mall to get zombie makeup but ends up getting locked inside a mall. Ryan showed change when he started reading more and when he tackled a police officer. Ryan also showed change when stuck up for himself and beat up the Terry Town football players.


Marco was a dynamic character in No Safety In Numbers

At the beginning of No Safety In Numbers Marco hits Mikes BMW and the author says "you know its bad when you pull into the parking garage at work and someone tries to run you over."

This quote shows Marco gets bullied by Mike Ricktor

In the middle of the book the author says "Marco tried to shield shay from the worst of the violence, but had enough trouble walking shay down the steps."(Lorentz,210)

This quote shows that Marco cares about shay and is starting to help people.

Near the end of the book the author states "marco walked straight up to the cops and sprayed them straight in the face."

This quote shows that he saved mike even though hes the one that tried to run over Marco in the beginning of the book.


Marco is a dynamic character because he went from getting chased in a parking garage to sticking up for the people that were bullying him. He also started to care for shay and was helping her out

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