Poetry Project callie M. Griffin

First Date

A chilly night, with his deep black cut tee.

Meeting at our eyes as I'm gazing his way.

Slowly hearing rich steps coming near me.

The sunset light fading throughout the day.

With booming laughter and smiles around.

Waiting lines, huge crowds, cheap food, and big fears.

But in your warm arms, it blocks out the sound.

Nights like these, I can see our future years.

Touching my cold hands, so softly and kind.

Awkward conversations leaning into.

Grabbing the popcorn, reading each other's mind

Final byes with a kiss and I love you.

Closing my eyes, to rest up the night.

Sleeping away, knowing I chose right.

Goodbye My Gorgeous.

I remember the infatuous love

How are souls were combined.

An outgoing, beautiful soul

With another that will be forgotten.

The words painted in her mind.

“I will never leave you, my gorgeous”

Stained onto her.

Her heart pure of gold

While his was full of attention

They fought and fought

Only growing more.

A kiss would seal it away

Leaving the argument for another day.

When she realized the pain

She tried to fix it

Only leaving her to cry on her bedside

“I will never leave you, my gorgeous.’

They were only lies.

Waiting To Fall

I am the wine glass

Falling off the table

Waiting to shatter

Silent as a pin drop.

You don’t notice me

Until I slip.

That’s when it starts to matter.

Try and pick up the pieces

All it does is prick your fingers.

Leaving you with cuts

Standing and waiting

For me to help myself

Deciding to leave me untouched.

If a tree falls

But no one's around to hear it

Does it make a sound?

If I had fallen

Would they listen

Or would no one be around

Created By
Callie Madison


Created with images by kevin dooley - "Pastel" • Hans - "starry sky star galaxies" • superde1uxe - "light, dark....black & white #1" • marcelabr - "broken glass shattered glass"

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