1. Produce by Beatlenati
  2. Project Leader: David Favrot
  3. Code Specialist: Ashley Morris
  4. Lead Writer: Catherine Patterson
  5. Product Specialist: Shannon Richards
  6. Based on the Essay by Kimberly Porth
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Video Game Cover Art

You are an obsessed fan that just got into another Beatles' Concert that is taking place in Hollywood. During the show, you notice something off with Paul. Your obsession with the Beatles causes you to look at this observation with great scrutiny. You begin to question whether or not that was the real Paul you saw on stage in Hollywood. This question soon overcomes you and forces you on an adventure with multiple outcomes that may even surprise yourself in the end. Some outcomes are good. Some are bad. But it is up to the player to determine how the story ends.

Text Adventure- You decide the path you want to go -Nine endings!
  • 3 weeks to create the game
  • Cost to buy the game: $0.99
  • Expected losses: $0
  • Breakeven
  • Expected Revenue: $>0
  • Works Cited
  • Based on Essay by Kimberly Porth


Created with images by beatles maniac11 - "beatles 4"

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