11-13 year olds ELLIE CONDIE


Transitioning from Concrete Operational to Formal Operational. Therefore, their logical thinking is developing and they are focused more on how other people think and feel. As they transition to the Formal Operational Stage, they gain the ability to problem solve and understand abstract ideas.


Transitioning from Industry vs. Inferiority to Ego Identity vs. Role Confusion. Peers and approval are significant to children during this time. Children are beginning to search for a sense of self and looking to find their own identity. They want to belong to a society and "fit in."


These children are in Stage 4 of Moral Development--Law and Order Orientation. This means that they have more concern with society overall. They wish to follow the rules and have a strong desire to please others and get the approval of others.

Hospital hangout

interact. support. laugh. have fun.


Hospital Hangout is an application created to connect hospitalized children ages 11-13 across the country based on various criteria—similar interests, disease processes, demographics, culture, etc. This app requires consent upon admission to be entered into the Hospital Hangout database. Once children are matched and logged into the application, Hospital Hangout connects their computers and allows them to play games together, watch movies simultaneously, listen to the same music, watch the same sporting event, or simply just get to know each other and become friends via instant message, audio, or video chat. This application fosters friendship, interaction, and support during a time when these children might be struggling to connect and relate to their peers.


  • Requires informed consent to allow the hospitalized child's information to be put into the Hospital Hangout database.
  • Only admitted patients can access the application.
  • Upon discharge users can exchange personal contact information at their own will, but can no longer use Hospital Hangout.

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