Coyote Ja'Mes W.

The coyote is a canid native to North America. It is smaller than its close relative, the gray wolf, and slightly smaller than its other close relative, the eastern wolf and the red wolf.

The scientific name for the coyote is Canis Iantrans.
Height 1.9 - 2.2 ft. (Adult, At Shoulder)
Speed 43 mph (Maximum, Adult, In Pursuit)
Weight: 15 - 46 lbs.
Life Span: 6 - 8 years

Coyotes have a varied diet consisting of animal meat, including deer, rabbits, hares, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates, though it may also eat fruits and vegetables on occasion. (When hunting prey like deer, coyotes hunt in packs.)

Coyotes live in North America and roam in the plains, forests, mountains and deserts. As humans take over more and more countryside, coyotes are adapting to living in cities to find food.

Breading season is February to March. In the spring, females build dens in preparation for their young. Females gives birth to groups of 3 - 12 babies at once.


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