Why are Grades Dropping? by: Kaitlyn Constantino

Students school work is being affected by stress and other influences.

Stress: a burst of energy that affects people in a good way or a bad way. Having some stress can be good, but having too much can be bad for a person. According to ulifeline.org a lot of stress is bad for you and can cause you to lose focus and concentration.

Classroom setup helps or distracts a student. Classrooms can change student's moods. According to Western Michigan University, small things affect how much a student will pay attention in class, even the desk arrangment. Walking into a classroom and seeing the room set up gives a person a certain feeling about the teacher and about the class

Distracted students when phones present in school. When students have phones in class they will play games or go on social media, when they should be learning. If students have phone while they should be studying, the phone can distract and take away from learning.

Sports interfere with academic success. Kids that participate in after school activities usually get better grades, however more than 17 hours of a sport weekly can damage grades. Under 17 hours for a sport is normal and wont mess with grades.

The amount of sleep a student gets is crucial. Kids often stay up late to finish homework, projects, and to study. However getting 6 or 7 hours of sleep will make students tried and dose off. The appropriate amount of sleep to get as a teen is about 8-10 hours, or to go to bed at 11 pm.

Hours of students sleep in high school.

In conclusion there are a few things that affect students performances in school. They are, amount of stress, classroom setup, phones distracting students, sports/after school activities, and the amount of sleep a student gets. These all affect students, however, some may affect students more than others.












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