Please read and consider my TOS before commissioning me!

- My Commissions are always open!

- Exact payment must be done through PAYPAL only in USD.

-Not accepted forms of payment include art trades, DA points, cash by mail, no payment, or anything other than PayPal. I do not do free art (requests).

- All purchases are finalized after the sketch is approved. You will not get a refund afterwards. You will not get a refund if you do not like how the finished drawing turned out or if you changed your mind after you've already paid. I will be sending WIPS of each step (sketch, lineart, coloring, shading, etc) and asking questions to make sure I get the commission just the way you want it!

- Once the commission is finished, you can decide whether or not you want it emailed to you for quality and usage purposes. I will send a watermarked version and an unwatermarked version. If you choose to repost or share the commission I have done for you on any social platform, please post the watermarked version and credit me!

- Please DO NOT trace, copy, heavily reference, steal or claim my art and my style in any way! If you want to repost a commission that was done for someone else please ask me and credit me in your post! Only the commissioner has my permission to repost, share, edit, or use their commission in any way as long as it doesn't violate my terms.

- If you violate my rules, insult and berate my art, harass me, are rude or demanding in any way, or you complain about my prices or drawings, I will blacklist you from ever receiving art from me and if it escalates, I will block you. If you repost my artwork without my permission, I will kindly ask you to take it down or give me credit. If you fail to respect that, I have the right to block you and call you out on beware.

- Respect my comfort zone please! I will not draw anything I am uncomfortable with. This includes anything relating to most NSFW subjects, anthros and furries, abuse, fetishes, controversial topics such as religion, anti-religion, racism, sexuality, and certain fandoms. If you have any questions about any of these, DM me. I mainly draw animals, humans and other creatures. I will also draw blood and mild violence and gore!

- Please have patience with me. I can't dedicate all of my time to doing commissions as I am also busy with my own personal life. If you feel that I'm taking too long on your commission or you feel that I've forgotten about it, shoot me a friendly reminder! I wont tolerate attitude or rudeness.

- I apologize for the poor quality of some of the examples on the list below. They are most likely files I no longer have saved. All drawings are drawn by hand by me on my personal phone! DM me if you are interested in commissioning me!

Include the keyword "purple" in your message or comment so I know you've read everything!

Thank you for your understanding! :)


Headshot - A portrait of a character's head. - $7 + $2 shading.

Bust - A portrait including a character's head, shoulders and chest. - $8+ $2 shading.


Half-Body - A drawing including the top half of the body of the character. - $9 + $2 shading.


Full-Body - A drawing including the full body of a character. - $10 + $2 shading.


Chibis - Cute, smol, humorous cartoony-style fullbodies - $5

(Includes the option of shading and a simple background)


Ref Sheets - A sheet featuring a character's physical detail and characteristics. - $15, $2 per extra page.

Simple background included, shading is optional.

portrait paintings

Portrait Paintings - Detailed and realistic paintings mainly featuring a headshot or bust of a character. - $35

Shading is included along with any choice of background!


Solid Background - A solid color (one color) background. - FREE

Simple Background - A background that can be a solid or gradient and that has simple patterns and designs. - $3

Detailed Background - A fully colored and detailed custom background of a scape or scene. - $8


Multiple Characters - A typical commission usually includes one character only. However, if you'd like to have multiple characters in one drawing, it is $5 for each extra character.


Short Animations/Animatics

  • Under 1 minute.
  • Non-loop
  • Smooth (15+ frames per second)
  • 50 - 60 seconds - $150
  • 30-40 seconds - $65
  • 1-20 seconds - $35
  • $8 for detailed background (per background)
  • Shading and Audio included
  • Simplified designs are recommended if your character has a complex design.

Loop Animations



  • Endless repeat cycle
  • No audio
  • Smooth (15+ frames per second)
  • $10 per second (no longer than 20 seconds max)
  • $8 for detailed background
  • Free shading (optional)
  • Simplified designs are recommended if your character has a complex design.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!

Instagram - @Amaterasxu.