Titanic By Temarcus Elam

APRIL 10, 1912

"Hi my name is Oliver". I'm waiting from the Titanic. I have a mate his names is Charlie. I wonder where is the Titanic."There it is says Mum". I was so excited to go on the Titanic. I was going on the boat",Oliver come on you are going the wrong way."Sorry".

Boarding the Titanic April 10, 1912

I was going to first class.The first class room where better than my house. The loos were huge.The toilets were gold."Mum the floors are very squishy".

APRIL 10, 1912

I was very Knackered after I put up my bags. After I took a nap. I went outside to see what it looks like because it was my first time on a boat. Mum was getting dressed. I was taking a shower to go out to eat.

After, eating my midday meal I asked"Mum can I get a biscuit", "Yes". After, I got done eating my food it was time go to the cabin. I played my toys for a little bit." It's time to go to bed Oliver''.

APRIL 11,1912

I woke up to my loud alarm clock."Brush you're teeth''. I go down the steps mum was cooking breakfast."After you get down eating Oliver you can play or go outside and explore the ship". I decided to go explore the ship.

I seen a blinding game room.A little boy came up to me and said''Do want to play a game with me",No". I left the game room because of that little kid. So, after that I explored a little more. I when to the boil room they were a lot of them.

I was gutted to go back to the cabin. After taking a shower "You can do what ever you want". I decided to go explore in the night. While I was exploring I found a kid the same age as me."What your name",My name is Jack.

Jack lost the plot. So, I had to leave because of him. When I came back I started to play my games. I was so bored after playing for a hour. "Oliver time to go to bed".

The next day me and Jack were playing tag. The bobbies were telling me and Jack not to play tag."Yes sir". Me and Jack had to figure out what to do. I went back to the cabin.

APRIL 12, 1912

In the morning I Godsmacked Jack in the mouth. I did it because he took my hat."Oliver why did you do that to me". I was very chunder because I did that. I ran into the game.

In a hour in a half I come out from playing games. Jack has His friends all over the gaming room."Do you want to breve",No". I ran as fast as I could back to the cabin."Oliver give Jack a fairing so you can be friends again".

I tried to give it to Jack but he wanted a fiver."Jack I don't think I can get that". " I can give you my dad's flight lieutenant"."Give me a pound in a fortnight", Ok". I start to use the pound on games.

Close to my last day Mum took me to the funfair."Thanks mum". After that I went back to the gaff to play games.Mum was out buying a flannel for me. That day was my last day on the Titanic.

mate:a close friend,Mum: another name for Mom, Loo: another name for bathroom, Knackered:tire someone out; exhaust, midday: middle of the day, at or near 12 o’clock noon,biscuit:a type of hard cracker,blinding:excellent,gutted:devastated,lost the plot:acting ridiculously,bobbies: polices,Gobsmacked:hitting,Chunder:sick,fairing:gift,fiver: five pounds,flight lieutenant:an Air Force officer rank,fortnight: 2 weeks,funfair:a fair with amusements, stalls, rides,gaff:house,flannel:washcloth,breve:a musical note,


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