The Cell Cycle

The process of the cell cycle

The cell cycle is a cycle that starts with one cell and it starts to divide its chromosomes, eventually making another cell called the daughter cell. The cycle continues to repeat till cells die.


The phase between miotic division or the first and second divisions of meiosis


The first phase of division, where the chromosomes start showing and the nuclear envelope disappears. In meiosis the includes reduction division.


The second phase of division, where chromosomes become attached to the spindle fibers.


The third phase of division, where chromosomes start to move away from each other to opposite ends.


The final phase of division, where chromosomes move to different ends and nuclei form on both sides.


The end of a chromosome, where it protects the chromosome from deteriorating.


A disease in the cell, where there is uncontrolled cell division in certain parts of the body.

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