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Water Soluble is being able to dissolve in water.
Dark green leafy vegetables and Vitamin B (folic acid) help our bodies make new cells. It's deficiency is spina bifida and affects your spine while you are in you mothers womb. It's important for pregnant mothers to get enough Vitamin B.
Scurvy is a big deficiency when you don't get enough Vitamin C. Eating citrus fruits like strawberries and also foods like broccoli and tomatoes will help protect your body against infection.

Fat soluble are foods that can dissolve fat.

Eating dark green leafy vegetables to get your Vitamin K will help your blood clot normally and prevent excessive bleeding and bruising.
Not eating foods like tomatoes and carrots, can promote night blindness. Vitamin A helps good vision, hair, and skin.
Vitamin D, drinking your milk and even being out in the sun, helps build and maintain bones and teeth. Without it there is a chance for getting rickets and bowed legs.
Vegetable oils, fruits, and vegetables will protect the membranes of white and red blood cells. Without Vitamin E, poor nerve connection and neurological problems are possible.
Calcium strengthens bones and teeth, without it osteoporosis is common. To get our calcium we can eat dairy products, whole grains, and dark green leafy vegetables.
Eating meats and dark green leafy vegetables prevents anemia, getting enough iron helps make red blood cells, and helps our muscles store and use oxygen.
Eating fruits, vegetables, and salt helps us get enough sodium and potassium which maintains fluid balance in our bodies. Without it we would get muscular cramps, irregular heart beat, and seizures.


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