A journey To an Indian all center

I was sitting in my room writing a new story on my laptop when suddenly the screen turn black I holded the power button but I didn't turn on, I plug it in to charge it and waited a few hours, but it didn't turn on. At that point a decided to call someone to help me. A man name David picked up he had an Indian accent. I learned a few years ago when I was in the 7th grade about call centers in India, and so after I got my laptop working again I started researching more about Indian call centers

I thought about it and realized Indian call centers would make a good story but I wanted to learn more than what was online. I wanted to actually be there to experience it. So I bought my plane ticket.

I packed all my things and went on my way to the airport. I've been to many places but never some where as far as India. I got on the plane and prepared for my journey to an Indian call center.

I arrived in New Delhi and got of the plane I found a crowed airport. There were so many people and when I step outside I was shocked of how many cars were in just my eye sight. I knew India was crowed but this was ridiculous. I got in a cab for a ride to my hotel. There was so much traffic. I wasn't driving and I was starting to get annoyed.

After I dropped of all my stuff at the hotel I walked to the call center because it wasn't that far and I was so tired of being in a cab already. When I got to the call center I showed the secretary my pass and then went upstairs to meet a man named Himmat he gaved me a personal tour of the call center

There were many people taking calls one girl looked really tired I was really tired but that's understandable because I wasn't use to the time frame yet, but then I realized these people were taking calls from the u.s. Himmat explained they were almost done with there shift and so they are really tired from staying up all night. I couldn't believe it theses poor people were staying up all night just to help us Americans with our problems.

Himmat explained about the hard training they had to have. He told me they always had to be quick on there feet to answer questions so the callers won't get annoyed. He also told me how they had to practice American accents. I told him about the time I called a call center and about the man who help me, named David. Himmat explained about how they sometimes give fake American names so it is easier for the caller to say the name

So at the end of my trip I found out that theses people don't have it good and next time you call a call center in India you should treat them nicely


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