The Harn Ragan Sheehan

Medium of the Art

This medium is called oil on linen. I found this medium particularly striking because in pictures it just looks like another ordinary painting, but in person you can see the paint strokes raised off the canvas. This painting was intriguing to me because there is so much detail in the oil painting which is a difficult medium to keep fine detail.

Design of the Museum

One of my favorite wings of the museum was the Intra-Action wing. This wing is composed of work from women artists. I thought the museum did a great job with the lighting of the different works. They really focused the bright light on the center of the work so that you focus on it. I also liked how there was a separate section dedicated to female works.

Art and Core Values

One of my core values is equality. I like this picture because it really shows how there is not equality with all artists. This piece really makes me think about all artist and their work. In the picture it says "you're seeing less than half the picture without the vision of women artists and artists of color." I believe that everyone should have an equal chance regardless of physical aspects and I think this picture really goes along with that belief.

Art and the Good Life

The Frida Kahlo wing in the museum does a great job conveying the theme of a good life. Frida Kahlo is a notable example of someone who went through very hard times in life, such as the near fatal bus crash she endured, but never gave up and instead used art as her outlet for her feelings. The wing dedicated to her, features pictures of Frida throughout her difficult lifetime showing the resilience she developed from creating her own artwork. The pictures help to show that just even when something bad is happening you have to keep going and achieving your goals to make your own personal good life.

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