Under April Skies Art Artisan stationery

Welcome to my floating workshop where I make high quality hand finished stationery and book art

I imagine my books in the hands of the unique, creative & thoughtful for keeping memories, writing stories, poems and sketches in that beautiful moment of peace and tranquility.
Selection of different bindings

I have many designs available as well as some special editions coming soon.


My outdoor space - perfect for writing and tea drinking
I try to make books that are as unique as their creator and their new owner alike

I started bookbinding when I was looking for different ways to display and showcase my photography, so I decided to learn how to make a photo book. After several courses and workshops, along with an unmentionable amount of time practising, I decided I absolutely loved the design element, choosing the papers, and the artisan process, so I started to make journals, notebooks and artist books.

Available for pre-order

My workshop is aboard my narrowboat - small, but everything is to hand. The only downside is that unlike in a studio, I have to clear up my mess after every session.

Gift boxed and wrapped with jade green velvet

I love stationary, beautiful handmade papers and the eye popping variety of colours from vintage Italian designs to handmade Lokta from Nepal, Khadi paper from India and the Chiyogami from Japan. I also create my own designs, which I will have printed onto cotton fabric for my larger Keepsake Journals - coming soon.

I grew up near the sea and I love to swim wild in rivers, lakes and the ocean - every chance I get

I try to combine colours and textures in a way that you may not find in stationary outlets. I add personal touches to make each book as individual as it’s creator and it’s new owner. Sometimes I’m inspired by a theme, such as the ocean, as you can see with my green and blue book with a gilded mermaid and shell bookmark.

Covers are hand printed onto Nepalese Lokta paper, inside sheets are 160 gsm wood and acid free smooth paper
Accordion books, Coptic bound books, origami books and stitched notebooks