energybank LED Done Right™

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Don't get stuck with a lighting lemon ...

model T

advanced outdoor illumination

"If I had listened to my customers, I would have given them faster horses." - Henry Ford

energybank knows what to do and how to do it

The prior inventions of energybank founder, Neal Verfuerth, are currently standard in one-third of Fortune 500 companies in 10,000+ facilities world wide.

Our Core Beliefs

make a promise, keep a promise + do the right thing

Our Mission: LED Done Right

Create a comprehensive product line of robust commercial/industrial grade LED lighting products made in the U.S.A.

Made in USA

Competitor LED Project Objectives

Reduce energy usage / costs

Eliminate Maintenance

Provide least cost alternative

energybank LED Project Objectives

Enhance Curb Appeal

Merchandise Automobiles

Create a pleasurable experience for guests

Provide exceptional ROI

Extend your showroom outdoors

Advanced illumination and controls technology

Focus light on the merchandise

What are you spending to attract people to your showroom?

Location | Facilities | Inventory | Personnel | Advertising

Doesn't it make sense to ...

Show them what you've got!

What makes us different?

modern, attractive form factor

superior quality and quantity of light


>80 CRI

dark-sky compliant

6KV transient voltage protection

100,000 hour maintenance-free operating life

5-year warranty

minimal EPA rating

Forced Vector Cooling

Universal Pinnacle Mounting

advanced control strategies

DLC QPL listed

Proprietary Optics

Naturally-aspirated Forced Vector Cooling


passive cooling challenges ...

predictive failure

Universal Pinnacle Mounting

model T has minimal EPA

modern form factor

thoughtfully designed and engineered to realize the full potential of LED

custom branding

custom colors and logo options reinforce customer brand

TURBO lighting boost

“I really appreciate the way the model T with its TURBO function smoothly increases in brightness as customers approach the vehicles.” - Scott Borths, Sales Director, Gandrud Auto
"The model T won hands down, based on its superior performance and its unique form factor."

"The model T is aesthetically pleasing and lends a nice, clean design element to the lot exterior in the daytime."

"At night, its superior performance in light output and quality, combined with its smart control system reduced operating costs significantly."

- Matt Lehman, Controller, Gandrud Auto Group

"The difference with the new model T is literally like night and day."

"It's much brighter and the color accuracy is greatly improved over the old lights."

"I really appreciate the way the lights increase brightness as customers approach the vehicles. It makes them stand out even more."

- Scott Borths, Sr., Sales Director, Gandrud Auto Group

"As good as the lights are, I'm also impressed by how much the costs have been lowered compared to the old lights we used previously.

"70% less energy is now giving us more than a 300% increase in illumination on the car hood."

- Ryan Kolosso, Kolosso Automotive

Mike Burkart of Burkart Ford has been in the dealership business for 40 years.

Mike did his homework, and he is delighted with his completed energybank project.

LED Done Right™


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