Who will be the 2016/17 NBA MVP James Harden or Russel Westbrook

History of the MVP award

Every year the National Basketball Association picks an MVP (most valuable player) award. They look at how hard you play, your stats (points, rebounds, and assists), and the quality of your work (how do you move the ball, shoot, and pass the ball). To the NBA players, it is a great honor to be one of the MVPs. Throughout this article, we will be discussing who we think will be the 2016/17 MVPs. Our top nominees will be James Harden from the Houston Rockets and Russell Westbrook from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Will the winner affect playing the following year?

I think that that the NBA players have different personalities in the league. If the winner is Westbrook, he might get a little braggy and will think he's amazing. On the other hand, James Harden might just shake it off and get ready for next year. The same goes for the other players. Some will feel more down, and others will just shake it off and get ready for next year, and work even harder.

Will age affect the winner

The age could effect how they play because it is scientifically proven that the older you are, the more your bones will wear down and tear down. A player can also start to lose cartilage in their knees so that their knees start to hurt when the they move a lot. Trust me, these athletes work so hard, they are all over the floor. In this case, Westbrook is a year older which could effect the winner a little but age definitely won't show us the winner. What could affect the winner, is the amount of experience each player has. Westbrook has seven years of experience and Harden has six years of experience. It may not seem like a lot, but in basketball, the more experience you have, the more time you have to show to the judges how good you are. Westbrook plays on the Oklahoma City Thunder and they are not a very good or skilled team. So Westbrook has to work extra hard to show off what he can do. James Harden is on the Houston Rockets, and he has a pretty good team, so it is easier for him to show what he has.

The opinion

My personal opinion is that Westbrook will win the NBA 2016/17 MVP award. Russell Westbrook averages triple-double every game. James Harden does not have very good defense, unlike Russell Westbrook who has pretty good defense, showing in the amount of rebounds he gets. Russell Westbrook is also thought to be one of the best point guards in the NBA. He is an exceptional assister, rebounder, and scorer. I think he is one of the biggest hustlers which helps him prove that he wants to win the 2016/17 MVP award.


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