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Amy Brown is a K-12 education strategist at CDW·G, a leading provider of technology solutions and services to education, government, and healthcare. As a former teacher, literacy specialist, and district English and Reading coach, Amy partners with district and school leadership teams to ensure they are leveraging technology to advance learning in the classroom, with a special passion for reading in the digital age. Amy supports administrators and educators as they are implementing solutions to shift instructional pedagogy, to meet the demands of an innovative workforce, and to improve student experiences in the classroom. Amy recognizes that educational leaders are dealing with unique challenges and opportunities that will shape educational outcomes for years to come.

In addition to supporting district initiatives, she speaks and participates at both local and national professional conferences. She's worked on SETDA's Guide to Quality Instructional Materials, participated in The Center for Digital Education's K12 Superintendents Group, spoken at conferences from FETC to many smaller state events, and led summits and workshops where district leaders and stakeholders can work through the intricacies of adopting technology. In addition, Amy's a Google Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, and Apple Teacher.

Before joining CDW, Amy worked in school districts in and around Chicago. She was a Reading and English Coach for Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago High School Redesign Initiative where she worked with twenty-one high schools to improve student engagement and achievement. She also worked in a large suburban high school as a teacher and reading specialist under Title I.

Connect with Amy on Twitter @amybrowns or at amybrow@cdw.com.

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