Pinjarra Massacre By Jaydon

Outline of Massacre

The Pinjarra massacre was a battle that took place in Pinjarra, Western Australia. The massacre took place on the 28th of February,1834. The conflict was between 60-80 Aboriginals of the Binjareb tribe, and 25 European soldiers and policemen who carried out the attack lead by Governor Captain James Stirling.

Reasons of Massacre

The attack on the Binjareb tribe was motivated by earlier attacks on white settlers. These attacks were carried out by the Binjareb tribe. According to the Aborigines, the white settlers were invading their land, which lead to conflict with the settlers. The Binjareb tribe was aggressive and they had a reputation for their attacks on other Aborigines and white settlers. Governor Captain James Stirling didn't want the Binjareb tribe and the Weeip's Wadjuk people to form an alliance. Governor Stirling didn't want these two aggressive tribes working together in order to kill white settlers. The Pinjarra massacre also happened because Governor Stirling wanted revenge on the Binjareb tribe for the earlier attacks on white settlers. Governor Stirling wanted to affirm his authority and power over the Aborigines.

Inquiry Questions:

How much native aboriginals died? 15-20 men died and it is estimated that 30-40 aboriginal women and children died.

How did the Pinjarra Massacre affect the Swan River Colony?

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