Amit & Prutha Proposal


Amit was adamant about proposing under ideal weather conditions because he knew it would make Prutha truly happy. Due to the quickly changing weather, there were 3 contingency plans, each with a detailed timeline of the day, based on the morning's hourly forecast. Without Amit's meticulous planning, however, the proposal would not have been as perfect as it had been. Family and friends all played a part in keeping the proposal a successful surprise. The weather also did it's part in holding off rain until much later that evening. The skies were clear of rain for the window of time the surprise rooftop proposal would take place.

The proposal would take place on the rooftop of their first home together. Overlooking New York City, the rooftop offered stunning views.

The rooftop offered stunning views

Prutha was under the impression an event would be taking place at their apartment building's rooftop. Even a building management generated email was sent to Prutha help set the stage for the proposal. Getting ready for the night, Prutha would arrive ready in formal attire for the "event" at the slotted time (or a little later as Amit had also planned for) .

Meanwhile, a team of event planners, quickly and efficiently laid out an aisle with candles and rose petals as planned out by Amit.

With everything in place, Amit patiently waited at the end of the aisle with ring box in hand. Amit rehearsed the words he would greet Prutha with through his mind as he nervously awaited for Prutha's anticipated late arrival.

Amit patiently waits for Prutha's arrival.

Prutha finally arrives. She takes an emotional journey down the aisle to find Amit.

Prutha is greeted by Amit and "Marry Me" spelled out in roses.

Amit gets down on one knee.


The couple share a quiet moment together to let it all sink in.

Family and Friends patiently waited inside to celebrate with the newly engaged couple.

Family and Friends celebrated with champagne.
Cheers to the newly engaged.
The celebration continue with Family and Friends at a surprise reception.


Created By
Kevin L


Alchemedia Studios

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