Battle of the Coral Sea May 4, 1942- may 8, 1942

Who took part in this battle?

The battle was fought between the Imperial Japanese Navy and United States with Australia as an ally. The United States wanted the Japanese territory, and Australia was helping them in the battle to get it. This battle was an air and sea battle.

Significance to outcome of World War ll

It slowed the Japanese in attempt to cut off Australia off from allies. It was the first major military engagement in war in the Pacific that the Americans and their allies did not lose.

Outcome of the Battle

During the battle, there was 1 transport ship damaged and 92 aircraft destroyed. A transport is a ship that holds soldiers and nurses.


The battle was located between Australia, New Guinea, and Solomon Islands

Facts about this Battle

  1. Japanese forces were able to hit the Yorktown with a bomb and Lexington the with bombs and torpedoes.
  2. To prevent capture by the Japanese, the ship was abandoned. The Japanese commander, Vice Admiral Shigeyoshi Inoue would then order his invasion force to return to port with their approaches being blocked by the Allies.
  3. When the main forces traded air strikes, the Americans lost the carrier Lexington and the Japanese suffered damage to the carrier Shokaku.

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