LGA NEWS EDITION 19, DATE: 03 July 2020


You will have seen that the Government has announced plans to open schools to all students from September 2020. We welcome the decision that has been taken and we can't wait to have all of the students back in and learning. I am sure that you will have seen in the media that there are quite a number of actions that the Academy will have to take to ensure we open in the safest possible way. We are planning for this now and I will write to you again before the end of term with further details.

In the meantime please enjoy reading the latest Newsletter.

Jim Parker, Principal.

a new feature on the Academy website

Due to these ever changing times and the necessity to share more videos with our parents, students and visitors to the academy website, we have been working on a 'Video Hub'. This application is designed to share training, learning and transition videos as well as achievements and successes of our students.

We have made it easy and simple to navigate. There is a download section to allow the option to upload pdfs of the training guides; for example, for more flexibility so you can read a document rather than watch a video. We hope you like what we have done so far. Keep checking as we will be adding lots more!

summer project challenge


Is your child hungry for a challenge? Do they have an interest they are keen to pursue and share with others? Does your child have the patience and dedication to see a project through from inception to completion?

If so, please ask your child to send me an email registering their interest for the 'Summer Project Challenge'. The project they complete will be on a topic of their choosing but the work will be demanding and will require the independent development of research, enquiry, writing and presentation skills. These skills are invaluable to students with a desire to go on to university or further study one day. For older students, the work they do might one day feed into an Extended Project Qualification.

My email address is angela.murphy@lordgrey.org.uk and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. Interested students should email me their intention to take part by 10 July.

Great Work, during lockdown!

Year 7 have been completing a reading challenge. Lucas and Amber are enjoying choosing different books. Lucas and Aidan's sunflowers are coming along nicely! Ms Cass, Director of Inclusive Learning.


As you can imagine we have had such alot of fantastic artwork being sent to us via email. However, some of the beautiful drawings of 'Lions' were mixed up in the last newsletter and we made an error. Below are both lions with the correct names of the artists. Our sincere apologies. Dr Laydon, Teacher of Art & Technology

Chanelle and Elise, Year 7 showing two fantasic lion images. Well done to you both.

Kacey, L15 has spent lots of time during lockdown working on her amazing art skills, below are some of the lovely pieces she has created, they look outstanding! Mr Selvester, Assistant Head of Lorenz House

Three weeks ago our Year 12 Biology students took part in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad, a rigorous test set by the Royal Society of Biology.

Due to the 'lockdown' they have had to do all their revision at home, and we are immensely proud of all of them for the rigorous work that they did to prepare for the Olympiad. We are also delighted that two of our students, James and Hezekiah managed to achieve Bronze certificates, and Reece and Lauryn achieved Highly Commended. Well done! Mrs Hawkes, Head of Biology.

Competition Time!

The Royal Society of Biology is running two competitions during July, open to all secondary school students.

The first is a Photography Competition - 'Young Photographer of the Year' and the theme is 'Our Changing World'. The deadline for entries is the 24 July, and the first prize is £500! Please click the link below for more details and to submit your photographs.

The second is a Scientific Drawing Competition - 'The Nancy Rothwell Award'. The deadline for entries is the 31 July, first prize is £25, and all winners and runners up get to visit the Royal Veterinary College! Please click the link below for more details and to submit your drawings.

More details and information are available on the Science Homeschool Hubs located on Google Classroom (students have been accessing their Science work here since the start of May). I know that we have so many talented artists in school, so good luck! Mrs Hawkes, Head of Biology.

science awards

Our Science students have been working very hard during the 'lockdown' period and have been rewarded with Achievement Certificates every week. A new initiative going forward will be 'Student of the Month' for the student with the most Achievement Certificates! Keep working hard, you could be in the running for a great prize!

521 Achievement Certificates have been sent out for the month of June. A fantastic achievement, well done to all our students.

The first Student of the Month Certificates went out last week: Gary, Year 7 Lorenz, Chris, Year 8 Lorenz, Thomas, Year 9 Turing and Charlotte, Year 10 Enigma - For all their hard work and excellent outstanding achievement over the month of June. Many congratulations. Science Faculty.

great cookery

Flapjacks made by our 'budding' chefs. Well done all. Mr Page, Vice Principal.


Chapter 1. Introduction - Hello, my name is Ollie and I am 15 years old and have been playing the drums for seven plus years. I live with my Mum, Dad and big sister and I couldn't be happier. I do alot of my drumming at school. I am also an Air cadet at 2366 Bletchley Park Squadron. As you can probably guess I play drums there too. Here, I do military style drumming which is a little different to normal drumming and I enjoy it.

Chapter 2. Coronavirus Outbreak 2020 was the year of a new virus called COVID-19. The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. The UK went into 'lockdown' schools, businesses and shops all closed. Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister introduced many procedures and restrictions.

As the school has been closed, I have been working at home until it is safe to go back. I do get bored easily, so I knew it was not going to be fun!

Chapter 3. Thursday Clap for NHS/Key Workers - Our NHS staff and key workers have been working very hard to protect and serve our country.

Annemarie Plas, a Dutch national living in London came up with a great idea; and 'Clap for the NHS' campaign came about on 26 March. It took place every Thursday evening at 8pm. That's not all, war veteran Captain Tom Moore, 100 years old raised more than £30 million for the UK's National Health Service by walking laps of his garden. I was inspired by this magnificent man despite what he has been through.

After seeing lots of wonderful people doing great things on social media such as banging pots and pans instead of clapping to make a lot more noise; a suggestion was made for me to play the drums on pots and pans. Then came an idea…

Chapter 4. The Big Idea - My mum and I came up with an idea to drum for the NHS instead of clap. So being in the Air Cadets gave me an opportunity to practise a sequence for them, as well as playing for the NHS and key workers. So my mum did all the social media advertising and I did the drumming.

The following week I was notified by my squadron that I could clap in my Air Cadet uniform to show respect. At 8pm I was playing and my mum recorded it live on Facebook to raise money. A 'Just Giving' page was also set up and the money was dedicated to the MK Hospital Charity, with a goal of £500. I am so grateful and would like to thank her very much.

Chapter 5. £500/£1,000 - Things just went from better to brilliant!!! We hit our goal of £500 and my family and I were super excited. I wanted to try and get a little more, so we changed my goal from £500 to £1,000.

We then received and email from a wedding photographer who wanted to take some photos of me! (Social distancing of course!) for the MK Young Heroes Award and for my Just Giving page.

A week later I was nominated to be the MK Young Hero Award. I had no idea what it was at the time. I was really happy to get the award on Facebook and become a little famous on my street!

On 24 May I had the most amazing shock of the night, I hit my £1000 goal and I was super happy.

I didn’t know if I wanted to stop... and I didn’t. My mum and I sold some of my items and put the money on the 'Just Giving' page. More donations came flooding in, and even my friends donated. We are now at £1106.

Chapter 6. The Clap has Ended - Well now I think my mum and I have done enough for the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity. The clap has ended after 10 weeks. I have raised £1106 for the MK Hospital Charity, NHS and I am very proud.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated and my mum Tracy who sorted everything out for me; social media advertisement, 'Just Giving' page and coming up with the idea, so THANKS MUM.

That concludes my story. During July there will be one more clap for the seventy second NHS anniversary, so that's going to be the last time I am going to drum for the NHS and hopefully get a few more donations but we will have to see… .

Thank you to everyone for supporting me, and I hope we see each other VERY soon.

By Oliver, with help from Mum and Dad.

Such great work Ollie, Lord Gey Academy are very proud of what you have achieved.

A Big Splash with the hub team!

So, on 30 June 2020 the Hub Team received a message from Mrs Bowen, the Head of Lorenz House, to advise us all to wear our waders (large long wellies), which NONE of us did. When we got into work we found that the boiler, under the sink in the Hub (our office), had burst and whole room was under a good couple of inches of water. We sloshed our way into the room. What a mess.

As a result we have had to 'decamp' and 'Lorenz Team' are sat in the ILR (no comments please) and 'Turing Team' are in the little room (a cupboard with a window) next to ILR... Thought you'd like to see a photo or two! Mrs Wasway, Head of Turing House.

All still smiling!


resources from our expert Ethos team

Changes to the Behaviour Policy & Statement of Behaviour Principles


NatWest Dream Bigger

The NatWest Dream Bigger programme helps young females build future skills and capabilities, to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

Dream Bigger is a fully funded initiative created by the NatWest Entrepreneurship Team. The programme is aimed to bridge the gap between education and industry, supporting young women to consider alternative career paths.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the programme offers 1-hour digital events taught by the Dream Bigger team.

Understanding Apprenticeships - Online Presentation

Sadly, out of nearly 500 Year 10s and Year 11s, only six turned up for the Amazing Apprenticeships seminar. It was relevant for all of them. If you think apprenticeships are just for the trades, or if you think apprentices are the lowest grade in a firm and get all the rubbish tasks - think again. Modern apprenticeships are a serious option to get qualifications and experience. They are a real job, paid 100% while working 80% and studying 20%; and you can qualify as high as a Master's degree with no student debt. They are definitely not the easy option. Please contact Joanna Brown if you would like her to send you the recording of the presentation. Email: joanna.brown@lordgrey.org.uk

Free Online Conference for Year 12s thinking of medical careers

Medic Mentor has developed a one day virtual conference that can be attended by students as long as they are accompanied by at least one parent/carer. The conference, which is being delivered would normally cost £50, but funding has been secured to cover this expense. The events are aimed at Year 12 students, but might be suitable for slightly younger students if they have a particular interest in a career in medicine.

Please ask your son or daugher to visit this website:

Please then click on the register button. They can then select the date and venue option. Conferences are being held each weekend between 13th June and 4th July. When checking out, the coupon code 'careersmk' should be entered BEFORE clicking the Apply coupon. The £50 charge will then be deducted.

When attending, your son or daughter must turn their video camera on to verify that they are being accompanied by a parent/carer. This ensures safeguarding is complied with. Joanna Brown, Careers & Futures Adviser

MAISIES SUPERSTORE - school uniform opening hours

kedaph schoolwear - opening hours

Due to the current Covid 19 policies, we have added an appointment system to the website for the new school year intake e.g. Year 7 students. Parents can now book appointments for fitting and buying uniform.

We are encouraging parents to order online wherever possible. The shop is still opened for those who want to walk in but there maybe a short time of waiting and queuing. Thank you for all the support in these difficult time. Kedaph Schoolwear.

Old School Uniform

If any of our Year 11 parents have any good quality/unwanted second hand uniform which you no longer require, please could you consider donating it to the school? It would be gratefully appreciated. Any donations can be dropped into Student Services between 9am-2pm Monday to Friday during term time. Student Services Team

Resources to help support us all...

ThinkNinja is a mental health app designed for 10 to 18 year olds. Using a variety of content and tools, it allows young people to learn about mental health and emotional wellbeing, and develop skills they can use to build resilience and stay well.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Do you have any concerns about the mental health of a child in your care? We are able to offer help from our experienced Mental Health Practitioners. The poster gives details of how to initiate a referral if needed.




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