Smoking in printed ads

Printed ad from Little Lungs in a Great Big World by the Food & Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products. This ad is trying to appeal to the at risk teens who are experimenting with the tobacco products for fun or just to feel accepted by their peers. The company who produced this ad hopes to inform teens how unhealthy smoking tobacco is and how it can damage your lungs.

This ad uses the technique known as "beautiful people". In the ad, there are "adorable, shriveled lungs". The adorable characteristic helps to grab the attention of the audience. But it also uses shriveled parts on the lungs to help appeal to the audience's pathos by showing them how harmful smoking is to your lungs.

This ad also implies a sense of humor. This ad designed a pair of lungs with googly eyes and a variety of outfits. This appeals to people's pathos by having an idea you can be serious about but also laugh at. Even trying to prove how harmful tobacco is, it still has a comical twist along with it.

Another technique used in this ad is association. This technique helps link ideas to create an impact on the audience. In this ad, the company associated the idea of smoking with celebrating a birthday. When smoking, your lungs weaken causing you to be a risk of diseases like cancer or even death. This ad also associates how harmful cancer is with comedy. Having comedy gets the idea to the audience quicker because the comedy gets the viewers attention.

This ad also uses analogy. An analogy compares two ideas. In this ad, it compares struggling lungs trying to blow out candles and compares it to a smoking person struggling to blow their candles out. It uses an event everyone experiences but also conveys the idea that smoking will leave you not knowing how many more birthdays you will celebrate

Printed from the US Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This ad was created to appeal to those smoking and those who consider smoking. This ad was created to inform those at risk of how harmful smoking is especially with it's lifelong effects such as those seen in the images.

A technique that was used in this ad was expert. This ad was made by a national health care organization. This appeals to a person's ethos. When something is being announces by a professional such as a doctor, it likely will take in the information. Being a national organization helps to create a wider range of view from different cities.

Another technique used is plain folks. This ad uses an average person that shares their story and experience. Using an ordinary person, people feel more connected because they can relate to that person's experience. Today, many people have been smoking and seeing what it does to an average person helps to inform the current smoker how harmful smoking is and how it can have a long term effect.

This ad also uses scientific evidences. It shows the evidence of how harmful smoking is by showing her holding an image from the past before the harmful effects from smoking actually took place. Evidence helps to back up the idea of how unhealthy smoking.

This ad shows an analogy between life before smoking and after smoking. You can see differences when looking at her old pictures compared to how she appeared in the ad.


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