Edward Gein By: logan

Edward gein was born on august 27, 1906 in la crosse wisconsin. His father was a timid alcoholic and his mother was frantically religious. he grew up alongside his older brother henry listening to the puritanical preachings

in the early years of his criminal life he was a grave robber, he would run around to his local cemeteries and remove bodies from graves. After he had returned the bodies home he would remove parts and skin the person then use the items to decorate his home.

in the years of 1954 and 1957 he murdered two women mary hogan and bernice worden.

The only thing that someone could of done better to catch him is suspect the crazy old man on the edge of town.

His crimes went on to inspire the creation of films such as texas chainsaw massacre, silence of the lambs, and psycho.

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