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The University of Tampa’s M.S. Instructional Design and Technology program has been nothing but a positive experience! The professors are each passionate, incredibly knowledgeable and up-to-date on the ever-changing technologies and trends in the field allowing me, as a student, to stand out in the job market. While in the program, the faculty supported me in networking while in the program with those in the field and were quick to share job and internship opportunities. Each class spotlighted a different facet of Instructional Design, with relevant projects that allowed me to experience the entire design process. These practical experiences in each of my classes, demonstrated in my professional digital portfolio, allowed me to stand out in the job market to secure an IDT position 3 months before graduating!

My Portfolio -Lisa Shemon

I am proud to say I am the first in my family (as far back as my Great, Great, Grandparents) to graduate from College. I grew up in Tampa in one of the lowest socioeconomic areas. I graduated from Hillsborough High School with honors. I decided to postpone my college career to help financially support my family. I later went to work for Tampa Police Department as a Communications Training Officer but decided I rather be on the streets working as a Firefighter/Paramedic. I worked for the City of Dunedin as a Firefighter/Paramedic and Driver Operator until I retired in 2016. During my tenure as a firefighter/paramedic I taught the Paramedics and EMTs in Pinellas County their monthly continuing medical education. There I developed an outstanding reputation as a very good educator. Once I retired, the Chiefs of Pinellas County asked the College to hire me as a EMS program Coordinator to rebuild the paramedic program. After two years I have built the program from graduating 6 paramedic students to having well over 200 students.
I now have been offered a position with Palm Beach Gardens Fire Department to become their EMS Trainer/Coordinator. They recruited me for two reasons. One the reputation I had built in Pinellas County and my degree in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Tampa.
From the first day of the program, I know it was a perfect fit for me. Every class meeting I got excited about what I was learning and coming up with was to use in the paramedic program. I successful found ways to implement the theories and pedagogy learned in the IDT classroom to the courses I was responsible for developing and implementing. Lastly, learning is not always about learning the curriculum but in part it is about mentorship. It is about finding that person, that educator, that professor who you want to emulate yourself after. That what the University of Tampa's IDT program has provided me with.

-Penni Eggers

Greetings Professor, Just wanted you to know that I just accepted a position as the Digital Learning Associate at AACSB on Harbour Island. Much due to the real-world project of 601 for Dr. Humphries, my use of ADDIE, and technical writing ability. All of which I applied during my internship. Thank you for your effective facilitation and professional guidance.

-Anthony Gill

The IDT program provided to Andrea the opportunity to understand how complex it is to choose the appropriate learning theories, the right technology, and strategy in order to design instruction experiences, solutions and implementing them. She is excited to act as an IDT in the field of education and face new projects and challenges in other areas as well.

-Andrea D. Fonseca

The courses in the IDT program updated Erika’s knowledge about learning theories and the importance to use a systematic approach to design instruction. Also, she learned about the technologies and tools used in the field. She is able now to put into practice the things that she has learned in class in a real-life situation.

-Erika Petersen

Graduating Class 2018
I got the job! I’ll be an Instructional Designer at Park Street effective February 17 😊. So excited and I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned throughout the program. I’ll remember your recommendation for when/if I apply for a doctoral program in the future though... Thank you again for your support and for teaching basically half of my courses! Media for Instruction and Inquiry & Measurement really helped shape a lot of my skills for this interview.

Below is a sample video Teddy incorporated into his ID portfolio.