A Fishy Situation By david medeiros

The is the grave of the two fish

After a long day of schools I was coming home thinking of my chores while putting the key in the handle of the door. As I open my home door I see my mom on the couch watching food channel, I walk in my kitchen to feed my fish lunch, the tank was dirty so I told my mom and she cleaned the fish tank by putting the fish in two different cups so they do not attack each other. As she was cleaning my homework it was difficult and I was starting to stress so my mom had to calm me down from getting to mad at myself, so I took a break from my homework and fed my fish and fixed the big rock that has a tunnel and a sunken ship on top and fixed the seaweed in the corner.

I felt like I treat pebbles better than blubber. I notice that there was no divider between the fish and i was trying to get my mom to put the divider between the two fish but she said “They will be fine don’t worry about it.” I did not believe her at all, I mean I was going to put it in myself but I am only seven and I thought I would get in trouble so I left it alone. Me and my mom went out shopping for some stuff and bought some more fish food, when we got back from the store she told me to continue my homework and she will help me when I get stuck on a certain part. I finished my homework it took me about one hour or so and it was about 7 and I had to go eat dinner. After dinner I of course fed my fish but when I was going to feed my fish blubber was attacking pebbles and pushing pebbles in the corner, I was going to try to stop them but it was too late.

The left side of the tank is pebble's side.

I called my mom into the kitchen as I was balling my eyes out because one of my fish died and shortly after blubber died as well. At this point I am so mad at my mom and I just never wanted to forgive her for not putting the divider between the two fish. My mom took both of the fish out of the tank emptied the tank and took all of the decor out of the tank she wanted me to dump my fish because they are mine. If she did, she would feel really guilty.

As I dumped the fish I was looking at my mom giving her a smug face that is expressing that I am mad at her and I would not forgive her for what she just did and when i flushed the down I put the cup on the little counter with the sink.

Fun Fact: Betta Fish live for 3 to 5 years.


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