You're Invited to help support our st. lucia mission trip

We know what you are thinking. St. Lucia? A mission trip to St. Lucia? Yes. The needs are many and we have the incredible opportunity to work with a team that will serve the people of St. Lucia and share with them the Gospel. The trip is just around the corner (more on that later) but let's talk about the needs that we are trying to help first.

Why St. Lucia? Let's talk first about the economic condition of its people. The main source of jobs for its citizens is tourism. But if you go outside of the local tourist hotels, it is a third-world country as with most of the West Indies Islands. St. Lucia is its own sovereign island country in the Eastern Caribbean and is part of the Lesser Antilles. St. Lucia has around a 40% unemployment rate. While the poor live in their own homes, the quality of housing is very inadequate in terms of the amenities available: About 20.8% of households have no form of toilet facilities, and 29.2% are dependent on kerosene for lighting. The average wage is between $1.50 - $3.00 American dollars per hour. It is a very poor country with 23% of the population being children ages 1-14.

Spiritually, this country is thirsty for the Word of God. The leaders of our trip, Darryl and Kimberly Beckum, have been praying and building relationships with the people of St. Lucia for two years now. They have heard the people desire for ways to learn about God, understand His Word better, and grow as a church. We want to help deliver the wisdom and passion we have for God to help grow the people of St. Lucia.

Top: A few of Hillside's servant leaders on last year's trip to St. Lucia in 2016. Bottom Left: A few of the kids attending the VBS from 2016 at Fellowship Bible Church. Bottom Right: Pastor Cycil Hilton and his wife, Una.

Trip Details

Heather and I will be leaving to St. Lucia with our team from Hillside Community Church on July 29, 2017 and returning August 7, 2017. During this trip we will be conducting a Vacation Bible School at Fellowship Bible Church - the partnering church we will be serving. We are expecting 150+ children at the VBS that week! We will be doing outreach in some of the local villages surrounding the church as well. Currently, the church does not have an area to conduct a children’s Sunday school class or for any children’s activities. We will be turning the basement of this church into a place for the children to learn about God’s word and enjoy their activities. On top of all of this, the team will also be conducting a revival in the evenings for the adults. We expect God to show up in big ways!

How can you help?

We will need lots of prayer for this trip. Prayer is really the key to successful ministry and this is no exception. The team needs prayer to be united and to always be focusing on God no matter what happens. We will also pray God will grow us and challenge us to be more aware of how to reach the people of this world better. In reality of these kinds of trips, we are humbly asking for any financial support our friends and family can offer. The trip will cost approximately $3,000 for both Heather and I to go and we are trusting God to supply for His work. This will cover our transportation, lodging, and food. If you are not able to help financially, supporting us through prayer will mean so much to us. We know that without Him, none of this is possible!

How to donate:

You can mail a check with the contribution form so that it is credited properly on our behalf for the trip. Checks are made payable to Hillside Community Church and can either be mailed directly to the church (see form for address) or mailed directly to me to hand in.

Or, you can donate online. You can click on the link below to set up an account on the Hillside website to pay by credit card. You will have an option for a printable statement for your tax records. When submitting the payment online, you must enter our name in the memo line for the funds to be directed to our account.

* Please note, sending payments directly to the church through either option is anonymous so we will not be able to see who donates and/or how much was given. However, we would love to show our gratitude and appreciation, so if you would like, reach out to us so we could talk with you more about the trip and give thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to read about this opportunity we have to serve God. We are thankful for all He is doing in our lives and yours! God Bless.

With gratitude, Cody and Heather Bland

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