The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt jake foster

The theater felt warm and inviting as there were many patrons in the audience who seemed to be genuinely interested in the performance. The atmosphere was ripe for a great performance. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt ready for a breathtaking journey exploring art through oppression and censorship . Place and location is essential to express and enjoy the good life as it provides an atmosphere and environment necessary for success.
I attended the performance with friends of mine. Attending the performance with friends and other acquaintances made it easier to discuss and understand the play and the underlying meaning of chasing and defining the good life. Many of my friends and I found a different meaning in the play, so it was interesting to hear differing opinions of the story and morals.
The central theme of the play was to show the impact of censorship and oppression by a commanding institution. The impact of censorship is the precursor to a play filled with conflict over the emotional and societal impact of the suppression of art. The conflict between the Catholic Church with its web of control and the individuals who wish to express art freely. I knew little of this specific event, but I do have a breadth of knowledge regarding the malignant past of the Catholic Church. I felt a deep catharsis at the end of the play and realized the lingering impact of suppression and ultimately oppression.
The Divine provides the audience with a sense of catharsis in that we are able to examine ourselves and our psyches while reflecting on the cultural impact of suppression and devotion to an institution. We may reflect on the impact of art on society as we are able to see those who fought for greater freedom of expression.. What is means to be human is that we must identify our flaws and weaknesses and work to improve them. Humans are flawed, but we are redeemable. This play shows of great artists and their collision course with the Church.

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