Sidewalk Improvements A research journal by Anna Beardsley

4/27/17 I'm noticing that a few highly trafficked areas of Indian River are very dangerous to cross, there are no sidewalks. Maybe at one time a sidewalk existed there, but it degraded long ago. By doing this project I hope to raise awareness about the unsafe conditions of pedestrian traffic in areas of Indian River, and to reduce pedestrian/vehicle accidents.

5/2/17 In class today I emailed three different people searching for answers to my English research project. I have yet to get a response to any of my three emails. I hope that by tomorrow I have gotten at least one response, and have not been directed to a another person to email.

5/10/17 The annotated bibliography gave me some issues. After we insert a link in Easy-Bib I would copy and paste my Three Sentence Summary and then put the next link in and my summary would disappear, but with the help of my classmates I was able to figure out the issue and fix my annotated bibliography.

5/22/17 I finish my two secondary research paragraph. In those paragraphs I talked about my research that I gathered from internet sources.I gathered four quotes to add to my paper, and information that supports my thesis.

5/25/17 I received feedback from a few of my classmates. Camryn said that the flow between my secondary research paragraphs was good. Lexi liked the transition words that I used.


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