The Seven Gardens of Loopeng Inspiring Grit amidst the Grind in the Kalahari

The faces, hearts and hands of the men and women from Loopeng gave an absorbing account of a life in the semi-desert of the Northern Cape province in South Africa. Loopeng is a flat space in the Kalahari some 13hours north of Cape Town. Seven gardens in that community revealed a grit and bravery, inspiring students and teachers alike as stories were accounted in blazing 37℃.

First meeting with the households from the 7 gardens in Loopeng
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Five (5) students from Learning Academy Worldwide's AgrAcademy in George, South Africa, visited Loopeng near Kuruman to conduct a first-phase research initiative in order to establish a reliable data-driven set of interventions within Agriculture.

The community was introduced to the Academy inspired by the service learning initiative of the Frankfurt International School (FIS) in Germany. For 30 years FIS sought to work with educators and local communities, intent on its mission to inspire, motivate and empower students to reach their potential, through teaching, advocacy and the provision of necessary resources and support.

Adding a shouldering support to that mission, the Academy partnered with FIS through a first on-site set of interactions with the community in Loopeng in order to strengthen sustainable growth, employability and social inclusion .

Soil Samples

Soil samples were collected from Loopeng by the Agracademy team and submitted for analysis to Nitroposka (Pty) Ltd in George. Results will indicate the nutrient levels in the soil, provide a basis for recommending which produce to grow and determine the nature of supplements required for high yield and resilience. This information will be returned to the community, adding to their knowledge and leading to strategies for higher yields in their household gardens.

Soil samples from 2 households and half a hectare of land belonging to Mr Olebeng Ronaldo Bengo