Shayla Harris CAS Highlights

Recent graduate Shayla Harris majored in Creative Writing, and Arts and Entertainment Management. Shayla worked hard to graduate with Cum Laude honors and her fondest moment at EMU came from her first poetry performance at a showcase. “It was in one of my Creative Writing courses, and we paired up with an art class to create a collaborative piece. This was my first time sharing my poetry in front of an actual audience and it was received so well. This moment gave me so much confidence in myself and the creative talent that I embody. I am very grateful for Christine Hume who was my professor for this course and many of my other Creative Writing classes.”

As a freshman Shayla was involved with the Sisterhood Scholars program, which provides a positive first year experience for women of color. “As a black woman, this program was very helpful to me. I’m glad I was able to be surrounded by others like me and I’m glad EMU had a program like this.” Shayla is also grateful for the relationships she made with her professors throughout her college career. As for advice for other students, Shayla had this to say, “College is what you make it and you only get out what you put in. Please go to class, join the clubs, go to games, put together a study group. Surround yourself with friends who will hold you accountable. Get close to your professors and really create a relationship with them. Be ok with being alone sometimes. Don’t hang out all night. Get the rest that you need. Go to the gym. Take care of yourself mentally. If you ever feel really overwhelmed, talk to someone you trust. It’s ok to not engage in certain activities or conversations if you don’t feel comfortable. Just be yourself, learn, and have fun.”