Femininity and Peace of Mind Luis engracio

Medium of the Art

Me with the "Green Square" by Richard Anuszkiewicz, 1981

I loved the piece. Despite it being entirely 2-dimensional, done with acrylic paint on a flat canvas, it gives the impression of being 3-dimensional. I spent some time just admiring it, and how the use of thin red lines made it appear as if it were coming off of the canvas. The technique used is just impeccable, having the hindsight to know how to create such an affect and being able to produce it with such exactness. The lines were clean and immaculate and the piece just has this clean, surgical level precision that was was probably made with the assistance of straight edges and tape to create such a clean face, but to the naked eye, it just looks like an amazingly crafted optical illusion. This might be one of my favorite pieces in the Harn

Design of the Museum

Me in the Rock Garden exhibit

The Rock Garden by the landscape architecture firm Kurisu International inc. is another of my favorite places in the Harn. I feel at utmost ease whenever I stare at the waves of rocks on the ground. It is so perfect and immaculate, it puts me at ease. The balance of the space created and how it all reflects, what I perceive, to be natural phenomena in an almost unnatural way is just fantastic. There is order created in this space, making it feel structured and manufactured while still utilizing natural materials. It creates this space that feels balanced and minimalist, while still incorporating this natural ambiance to it (what I get when I see the trees and large, natural, moss covered rocks). In my opinion, if is a beautiful interpretation of balance and what utmost peace can be, combining natural elements while still introducing structure and balance. Just absolutely fantastic and a very well build exhibit in the Harn.

Example of balance and waves in the Rock Garden

Art and Core Values

Frida with Cigarette, Coyoacan taken in 1941 by Nickolas Muray

Frida Kahlo is one of the most important names in feminist studies. She fought the definition of femininity, and challenged many core beliefs on womanhood and what it is to be a woman. Her work for women's rights and her active battle against gender and tradition gender roles is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. Gender roles and woman's rights/representations are one of my favorite area's of study because the inequalities that are faced by non-binary people, and women today are terrible.

"Frida Seated in Her Garden" on Cibachrome taken in 1943 by Florence Arquin

Her paintings attacked tradition beauty and I loved it. There shouldn't be a single definition of beauty, but rather, your own definition of beauty and what is 'beautiful'. The pictures taken of her, while some were flattering, some were very natural and depicted her not smiling, or in places where she wasn't showing enjoyment. The picture shown is not one, but the way that she found beauty in herself and what wasn't considered 'pretty' by popular media is what makes her such a powerful figure in feminist studies.

Art and the Good Life

Me in the Guerrilla Woman exhibit featuring many pieces made by Guerrilla Woman between the years 1965 and 2013

For my discussion on Art and the Good Life, I decided to focus not on an image depicting the good life, but rather, images pushing towards people achieve their good life.

"Do Women Have to be Naked to Get into the Met Museum? Update" printed in 2012

Very few women are actually featured in museums, and when they are, they are usually nude or depicted not fully clothed. Many artists who are women or POC (people of colors) are usually featured in exhibits that specifically show art from minority groups and their art. This is the only avenue for them to actually make money off their art. Very often, their art gets sold because it depicts their struggles as a POC or a woman which, while it is great that they are making money from their art, should not be from their struggles as a minority; a POC or woman's art value should come from them being a good artist and not because they are a minority. Even in the art itself, women are depicted as objects or only drawn nude for their sexuality. The Guerrilla Women exhibit tries to shed light on the struggles of women in industry and the problems that women artists are experiencing when trying to achieve their good life; which is doing what they love to make money. Something that should be a promise to anyone if they follow their dreams.

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