DISCOVER SIMPLE ELEGANCE IN THE MOUNTAINS In These Special, Gated Subdivisions Along The Conejos River High In The Colorado Mountains

One of the LAST truly WILD places in Colorado!

WHAT Are Bear Creek and Sheep Creek Subdivisions?

Located in the beautiful Conejos River Valley of Southern Colorado these two exclusive, gated subdivisions are ideal for your year round mountain home or vacation getaway. Surrounded by the Rio Grande National Forest, near the New Mexico border, the fly fishing and outdoor recreation are beyond compare! The Gold Medal waters of the Conejos River flow and wind through both subdivisions for easy access to some of the best trout fishing of your life!

Beautiful Brown Trout. There is excellent fly fishing in the area! The Conejos River flows for 90+ miles through the Conejos River Valley; and, while the fishing is amazing and it's one of the best trout streams in the state , the waters are relatively unknown. There are plentiful numbers of wild trout and just about every type of trout water there is: pools, riffles, runs, smooth flowing sections and fast pocket water along with a huge diversity of insects. Nearly 40% of the Conejos River is available for public fishing and numerous tributaries and pull offs allow for private, secluded, mountain fishing - yet access is easy!
Photo taken from the bridge crossing the Conejos River in Bear Creek Subdivision. Fly Fisherman, Spring, 2018.
Aerial views of the Conejos River from within Bear Creek and Sheep Creek. 25' easements along the river throughout the subdivisions allow property owners to fish up and down the river within the developments. Several properties are riverfront, and the ones that aren't are only a few minutes walk from the burbling waters of the river. Summer, 2018

In the summer of 2018 professional drone photographer Michael Haitz with Skyline Drone Services spent a day filming footage of this beautiful area! Take a look!

WHERE are Bear Creek and Sheep Creek Subdivisions?

Bear Creek and Sheep Creek subdivisions are off the beaten path. They are your opportunity to leave the noise of the city behind and enjoy the quiet, peace and serenity that you can only find in the mountains.

The most highly populated area nearby is Alamosa, under an hour's drive Northeast from these properties. Alamosa has a population of nearly 10,000 and is home to Adams State University.

Adams State University campus in Alamosa, CO.

Highway 17 out of Antonito follows the Conejos River near the Colorado/New Mexico border. Each subdivision has access off of Highway 17, about 16 miles outside of Antonito.

If you follow Highway 17 past these entrances, you'll drive over La Manga Pass, where the last known Grizzly Bear in Colorado was killed in 1979. The story is the stuff of legends - an elk hunter/outfitting guide accidentally cornered the female bear, who then attacked and severely mauled the hunter. Fighting for his life, he was able to kill the bear in hand to hand combat by stabbing it with an arrow - a feat so incomprehensible that state and federal agents required a seven-month investigation and two passed lie detector tests to believe it.

From the top of the La Manga pass, follow Highway 17 Southwest to Chama, NM. From there, you can head to beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado; Durango; and on to Southern Utah.

Statewide Map shows the general location of the Conejos River Valley.
A closer in view reveals the small towns in the area of these 2 subdivisions.
Originally a legacy and family owned ranch, the land that became these 2 premier subdivisions was grand-fathered in when the government carved out the National Forest around the ranch. The subdivisions are surrounded by the Rio Grande National Forest, and there is little to no room for expansion or more available lots.
The community pond at Sheep Creek

A Little More Information About SHEEP Creek Subdivision

A Mountain Community In Southern Colorado.

The blue line indicates the path the Conejos River follows through the Sheep Creek subdivision. Note the community pond. Access to Sheep Creek is via a private road easement granted by the US Forest Service. Properties highlighted in RED are currently available for sale.

Sheep Creek is a community where dwellings of varying styles and designs come together in harmony to compliment the surrounding landscape. While there is no mandatory "style" of architecture in Sheep Creek, quality of design and compatibility with the particular lot, adjacent structures, and landscape are encouraged. "Alpine Mountain" or "Modified Alpine"is the style most compatible to the natural terrain. The "Mountain Style" design is in keeping with the rural rustic and woodland environment of Sheep Creek.

Sheep Creek was established in 1999 with nearly 100 lots that range from roughly 1.5 acres to 4+. The area has varying terrains from open mountain meadows, to heavily wooded Aspen and Pine properties, to riverfront lots. Rocky outcroppings are viewed from many locations throughout the development.

Locals have named this particular rock outcropping "Old Man Conejos" and he can be seen from many locations in Sheep Creek.

The waters of the Conejos River are owned and operated by the State of Colorado and dedicated to public use.

Utilities in Sheep Creek make building easy! Currently there is a community water system (an annual fee of $150 per lot if there is a cabin/home on the property), electrical, phone and soon to be fiber optic cable. All utilities are buried in the development. Sheep Creek is a gated community. Annual HOA dues are $700 a year and cover road maintenance, water system upkeep, trash receptacle, gate maintenance, and community areas. The budget and financial standing of the HOA is healthy and features an active Board of Directors.

Sheep Creek is a covenant controlled community and a copy of the Architectural Requirements and Covenants is available upon request.

Entrance Gate, Trash Receptacle and Mail Boxes, Pump House.
The community pond at Sheep Creek.
The Conejos river as seen from bear creek

A Little More Information About BEAR Creek Subdivision

A Firewise Colorado Mountain Community.

Bear Creek, the creek for which the development is named, flows off the top of the mountains in the National Forest and dumps into the Conejos within Bear Creek Subdivision, ending with a seasonal waterfall! Note the community pond as well as the community gathering area highlighted in green on the map. The community area features a gazebo and gathering space as well as horseshoe pits and additional parking. Properties currently available for sale are highlighted in RED.

Bear Creek is a beautiful subdivision surrounded by the Rio Grande National Forest located in Conejos County, Colorado, near the New Mexico border. It is named after a small creek that runs north out of the mountains and into the Conejos River at a point roughly in the middle of the subdivision.

This amusing rock art greets you along the road as you drop down into Bear Creek.

Bear Creek was originally developed in 1991. Today there are 137 privately owned lots owned by 125 individuals (some owners own 2 or more lots), and 75 homes within the subdivision. The Association owns 4 lots, which are considered part of the Common Area. More than a dozen owners are full time residents, and many of the other residents use their cabins on a part-time basis throughout the entire year. It is an active and secure community.

Annual assessments set forth by the HOA are currently $900 which includes road maintenance, trash service, recycling, and community features to include a trout stocked pond, and gazebo area with additional tables and chairs available to borrow.

The community Trout filled pond in Bear Creek as well as the banks of the Conejos River (far Right.)

Phone and internet service are available in the community and high speed fiber optic internet is slated to be installed in the canyon. Electricity is to the lot and buried underground. Natural gas service is not available in the area and homes are heated with propane, electricity, fire wood or a combination of all three. The properties are accessible year round.

Bear Creek operates its own community water system, which is regulated by the State of Colorado and is subject to a state approved Water Augmentation Plan. Because of this regulation, the cost associated with the production and delivery of water represents the largest single portion of the budget. Information regarding the water delivery system is available upon request.

Bear Creek was the first community in Conejos County to receive Firewise Recognition. Firewise recognition is awarded by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to communities which actively promote the mitigation of wild fire risk. Being a Firewise community has benefits of protecting Bear Creek's properties and obtaining insurance discounts from some providers. Regardless of the fire alert status in the surrounding national forest, no open fires are permitted in Bear Creek. Owners are encouraged to develop defensible space around their homes, and remove dead branches and trees from their property.

Signage posted throughout Bear Creek Subdivision.

Bear Creek Entrance Signage

Entry Gate

Mail Station

Cardboard Recycling Recepticle

Bear Proof Trash Recepticles

Maintenance Shed, Recycling Center

Fire Hydrants Throughout

The Conejos as seen from bear creek bridge

Area Wildlife

Photos from Sheep Creek Subdivision, Summer, 2018

Area wildlife includes foxes, otters, big horn sheep, black bear, mule deer, elk, mountain goats, moose, mountain lion, turkey, blue grouse, sage grouse, rock and morning dove, and various waterfowl species.

The surrounding Rio Grande National Forest is located in Game Management Unit (GMU) 81 which has healthy numbers of Elk and Mule Deer. The hunting quality is good, especially in the early seasons before winter drives the animals out.

Area Recreation

Outdoor recreation abounds in the San Luis Valley and the Rio Grande National Forest!

The Alamosa Tourism board has put together an amazing comprehensive website with area "Things To Do." You can check them out by clicking HERE.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

The San Luis Valley is home to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve - a world-class destination featuring the tallest sand dunes in North America!

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

The Scenic Historic Cumbres and Toltec Railroad is a top-rated day trip that starts in Antonito, CO and ends 64 miles later, after crossing the Colorado/New Mexico boarder 11 times, in Chama, NM. At 10,015 feet, Cumbres Pass is the highest mountain pass reached by rail in the United States.

The Rio Grande National Forest - where there is Solitude in Every Season!

From the Sangre de Cristo to the San Juan Mountains, the jagged peaks and rushing rivers of the San Luis Valley public lands wrap themselves around this Rocky Mountain basin. Whether viewing the mountain scenery from roads or finding challenge on trails, visitors discover solitude and self-reliance through uncrowded year-round recreation opportunities.

Sheep Creek, Summer, 2018

The Rio Grande National Forest forms the scenic backdrop to the San Luis Valley. With a landscape of high peaks, geological wonders, and steep river canyons, the spectacular scenery beckons adventures from near and far. Year round recreation opportunities abound!

Outdoor opportunities in the National Forest include biking, hiking, camping, mountain and rock climbing, horse back riding, nature viewing, OHV riding, hunting, fishing, boating (motarized and non-motarized), cross country skiing, snowmobiling and more.

Wolf Creek Ski Area

Wolf Creek Ski Area is roughly a 2 hour drive from the subdivisions.

Wolf Creek Ski Area features 1,600 skiable acres with an average of 430 natural inches of snow a year. "The Most Snow In Colorado."

Platoro Reservoir and Historic Mining Town

The town of Platoro is small, located at the end of a dirt road. There are a few rental cabins, a gift shop, and the Gold Nugget Cafe. It's a summer vacation spot for adventure seekers, outdoors people and die hard vacationers. Most of the vehicles I saw while we visited were 4-wheelers!

Founded in the early 1880’s, Platoro was a mining town known for its Gold and Silver, which were discovered together near the headwaters of the Conejos River. Platoro obtained its name from the combination of the Spanish words “plata” and “oro” (Gold and Silver). Photos from Summer, 2018.

The Platoro Dam was completed in 1951, creating the highest man-made reservoir in North America. This Dam at 10,034' elevation backed the waters of the Conejos River up 7 miles and became the fishing hot spot for the area with annual stocking of Rainbow, Kokonee and German Brown trout. Boating on the reservoir is also popular.

Properties FOR SALE

Sheep Creek Properties available:

Bear Creek Properties Available:

The above properties are what I have listed in these two subdivisions. There are other properties available including additional lots or homes and cabins. If you'd like more information - call or email for details! Contact information is below.

All information contained herein is subject to change/error. Teresa Rens is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Colorado with several properties listed for sale in Bear and Sheep Creek Subdivisions. This website is not inclusive of all information a potential purchaser may need to make a decision to purchase property in either subdivision. Please contact listing agent for more details and information or to get specific questions answered. Teresa is not the exclusive real estate agent for either subdivision and this website is intended to market properties currently for sale. This website is not affiliated or endorsed by either HOA although some information has been taken from websites owned and operated by the HOAs.
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