A day in the average life of me A technological time line of my daily life

The school computer

Every time I am in second block, I am working here. Some days its all work and sometimes I have a video running in the corner. This is essential to my class and to my future.

My Xbox

Lately, I have been using this less and less. Even so, my Xbox is my favorite gaming device. I have spent countless hours on this piece of technology and plan for many more to come.

My television

This is the center of entertainment. Although I have been using it fairly less due to my job and school. I have both my cable and xbox set up to this bad boy. Although not essential to my every day life, it is essential to my stress.

My Wii U

I did not get this little doohickey until recently. In preparation for a new video game, I bought one, and have yet to be disappointed. My second favorite gaming device, it is essential to my mental stress.


As of late, I have not had a lot of free time. Due to this, I have been spending a lot of meals pulling them out of the microwave. Although not the most healthy, it is vital to a warm meal in my busy schedule.

My Fridge

The only reason I have not starved as of yet. I have not made any actual food in quite a while. All my meals at home have been leftovers from my family on other nights. My fridge is my life line to my nutrition.

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Matthew Priest

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