Me at the Constans Theatre Matt roof

Constans Theatre.

The Constans Theatre is a very well functioning small theatre for performances at UF. The size of Constans Theatre contributes to the personal effects of the performances as they allow you to become closer spatially to the performance. The way the stage is set up allows for the actors to even come through the audience and give an extra sense of involvement to the crowd. My seating was relatively close to the stage and this allowed me to become more involved to the performers and get immersed in the story. When all of the lights were activated for the performances effect, it gave a very clear focal point to the actors and this helped to draw the attention of all the audience. Things like this (space) allow for a different experience when set up in different fashions. The constans theatre allows for a very personable performance.

Outside the Constans Theare Lobby.

Viewing "The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" was a very unique experience in itself. However, the experience is completely altered when viewed with a friend. It allows you to bounce ideas and predictions for the play off another mind. It also gives you a more immediate route of feedback with another person which can help you understand the plot and the character background better. These shared experience can help to enhance the performances impact on a person if you can tangibly see it affecting yourself as well as someone else.

The Divine.

This performance really showed me a lot about personal conflicts that can be consequential to the outside world and organizations. It showed me that often times there are people who are not really interested in your well being but rather what they think would be the "overall good". Their decisions may not always be with your well being in mind. The main character, Talbot, had very obvious emotional and social problems that were not given an explanation until towards the end of the play and his issues stemmed from sexual abuse from an older priest in the Catholic Church. This problem was then further complicated because of the decision on whether or not to bring the issue to light or to let it go under the table and have the church go free with no problems. This changed my perspective on how I view many things in life now because I am cognizant of the fact that not everything is how it first appears to be. Coming into the performance, the only things I knew about the play were that it has a relatively negative tone towards the church in multiple facets. This knowledge was further multiplied by my personal experience with the Catholic Church as I went through all four years of high school in a catholic school.

Main Set depiction for the play.

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt depicts a scenario in which a very uncomfortable and difficult problem for the main character is the unknown cause for a lot of behavior that occurs during the performance. Towards the end of the play, Talbot (the main character) slowly comes to terms with the wrong that has been done to him and this drastically changes the way that the other characters in the performance treat Talbot. This scenario can be a model for those in the audience going through a very rough time in their lives that could be the underlying cause for other problems being faced. It can help to get the issue off the persons chest and use this performance as a coping mechanism for these underlying issues being faced.

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