Lions the amazing king

''Lions are the loudest cats in the world . A lion's roar can be heard as 5 miles (8 kilometers) away. A lions roar is to declare ownership of its territory or to show its strength."

Lions are known as king of the beasts. They are a ''symbol of strength and bravery." Lions are enormous they are the largest cats in Africa.

"Lions have no natural predators in the wild. Most of the lions threats to them are other lions."
"Lions are most active at night. Lion's powerful legs allow them to run as fast as 36 miles( 58 km) per hour. Lions diet is Antelope,zebra,buffalo,and other animals; also known to eat rodent."
"Most lions live in the hot,dry African savannah. Lions have to be careful not to over heat. They do not sweat to keep cool just like humans."
"Most lions live in Africa. African lions live south of the Sahara, a desert that stretches across northern Africa."
"Cubs grow their first adult teeth when they are around 15 weeks old. They can start eating solid food at this point. They start sharing the meat that the lions eat. Cubs spend a lot of time playing as they grow up. This help them learn skills they will need when adults"
"Lions are members of the feline family. The feline family consists of nearly 40 different species of cats. These include the cheetah, cougar and lynx."


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