Rush Star Wireless 2017 Marketing Department Goals + Social Media Proposal

Our mission.

"To provide engaging, results driven, lifestyle products and services that - customers recommend to family and friends, dealers recommend to their customers, employees are proud of and investors seek long term returns." RSW Marketing Team.

Getting social in 2017.

Socially Organic. In a very near future, people will no longer surf online to seek a product or service, we will constantly be connected to the brands they love via social networks. That means offering a "social experience" to people to find your audience. We need to put our brand in a position in which our followers can effortlessly connect with us and want our technology. With 2.5 million pieces of content shared each minute on Facebook, users will stop what they are doing to look at our ad. There is no future on search for advertising. We are in a world of connections. You are connected or you are invisible. Social media are writing the future of online advertising.

Screen size creates a natural selection process. Browsing on small screens means users inevitably spend less time searching. As a result, because it costs them less time and effort, our potential customers are naturally attracted by the most visible brands. People reward the most visible items (hits, best sellers and blockbusters) over anything else.

Mobile behaviors drive the quest for instant gratification. Unlike Google, Twitter publishes all individual news immediately. Without delay. The news is always fresh. On mobile, people are impatient: they want reward "instantly." We can have the best product or the best service, but if we are not able to offer the right information to the right audience at the right time, we're invisible.

Content is the best way to connect with our future customers. Companies are not what they seem. Behind your ads lies your true nature. On social media, people are looking for this truth. Nowadays, no matter what our ads are saying, only the content we are posting on social media is credible to our audience. The content we, as a company, put out behind our brand name shapes our inner nature.

" Storytelling is more powerful than selling. Introduce people to our unabridged story. It's not about us, about our brand or our products. It's about our customers, their taste, their interests. It's about shared values. Create exclusive content. Find our social voice. Be authentic and resonate with the audience." Jeff Brissette, Director Marketing.

Our brand must resonate beyond what the company does. People much prefer to talk about entertainment than anything else and usually they talk tirelessly about the same music, books, sports and movies. If we understand that, we can start a conversation on social media by adding pop culture to our content. Be aware of the trends, surf for what people like, and they will reward us by welcoming us into their circle. Our brand has to be inspiring.

Know our customers’ daily routines and storytell around our business. Popular culture is this daily routine. Be there. Which music is our brand listening to? What kind of movies does our brand love? What sport does our brand practice? Each piece of content that we produce forms the DNA of our brand. Find the entertainment in our products or services. Express the entertaining side of our brand. Become a producer of entertaining products. If we're not able to entertain people to keep their attention, we're invisible.

Emotion is the social currency, word of mouth is the carrier. Social media offers the opportunity to share with friends. If we don’t make it easy for people to share our content, or if we're not striving hard to make our content appealing, we will stay valueless for the social platforms and be invisible to our audience. Every post should provoke a reaction. Each time a gap opens up between what people expect and what we offer, they will possibly react with happiness, delight, fun, excitement, a like, a comment, or a share. But to achieve marquee status, we have to reinvent yourself continuously since the more often people experience something, the less it has an effect on them – this is the law of diminishing returns. The good news is that social media can help us by offering real-time feedback. If our brand can create these kinds of emotion, our audience will get a lasting feeling about our brand, which can generate increased curiosity for our products, our services, and in the end, maybe a sale.

Welcome to the grind. With social media come new rules and new opportunities to increase the attractiveness of our company and our brand. A deep understanding of your customers and the nature of the experience they are looking for on social media is crucial. Our social media strategy affects the probability of winning new customers, future business partners, talented employees, better products. But there is no easy way. When struggling, remember that nothing than trying harder is an acceptable reaction. Turn our back on what’s comfortable, what’s safe: social media is not a dreamland, it's a marathon. With each step comes the decision to take another and since each little thing can spread widely, each step can be huge. Fight for our audience.

The #socialgame.

" With New Generation technologies available to any sized marketing team, it is easier to grow a community around a brand today than it was several years ago. We will explore these tools within this case study and layout a solid game plan that actively engages our audience through meaningful content and memorable brand experiences.​" – Jeff Brissette, Director of Marketing.

How we campaign.

" A successful social media campaign has 4 main components." – Jeff Brissette, Director of Marketing.

1. A carefully developed plan.

  • Research: Thorough analysis of our existing social followers across our networks to identify areas for improvement versus our competition.
  • Budget: Allocate our budget and resources. Include in our budget whether our campaign requires any paid social efforts or if we plan to rely on organic tactics and owned media.

2. Clearly defined Goals.

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive More Website Traffic
  • Drive Visitor Loyalty
  • Improve Conversion Rates

3. Cross-Channel promotion.

The benefits of promoting our social media campaign across additional channels are twofold: Those we reach via social media are reminded through other communications, and those who aren’t as active on social media are informed.

4. Thorough Analysis.

With these goals set, we will be able to attract more customers, create a stronger social media presence, and increase sales in a matter of time!

Our strategy.

Our basic strategy should be applied to all of our social platforms in tone, who we are, and what value we want to bring to our consumer. We need to move on social media (and as a marketing group in general), and sometimes that would mean jumping into a new channel without much of a game plan in place at the beginning. Sometimes we fail, but that’s acceptable losses in social media marketing. At Rush Star Wireless, it’s about being first and finding new ways to share our content and tell our story.

  1. Build an in-house community where marketing and sales tie into collaboration and team building.
  2. Broaden our social listening beyond our brand name by listening and comparing to customers and competitors.
  3. Our primary focus for our social media campaign is to raise awareness, increase sales and build loyalty and retention.
  4. Every week, compare how far we've gone since we began the social media campaign to evaluate social media strategy effectiveness and success.
  5. Interact with everyone who shows interest in us on all social media.
  6. By interacting with viewers and creating more personal strategies, allows us to become more human and personable, stirring ourselves away from a company behind a computer screen.
  7. Content. Content. Content. Original, relevant and watchable!

Results. 90 days later. Your new marketing team.

Email blasts before...


Email blasts after. Modern art direction.

"We implemented new design systems throughout all customer-facing and internal platforms which make use of an underlying grid structure, lifestyle photography, clear typography, a curated color palette for every occasion, and a focused message in order to widen the brand's reach." – Johnny Villamar, Designer

We introduced new and flexible strategies for creating email blasts including the use of responsive HTML and animated images to bring them in line with current design trends.

Results. We created the Tracfone Exclusive Retail website, a Dealer portal and a complete Playbook user experience.

We integrated over 300 individual documents into 3 unique interactive projects. Playbook Tracfone Exclusive Retail Program, Tracfone Exclusive Retail Portal and program website.

New year. New look. A new lifestyle brand identity was created across all social media channels. Let's take a look.

Our results by the numbers. @Rushstarwireless

687 Facebook followers + 701 Likes. Last posting Dec 24, 2016.

1,098 followers. 672 Tweets. Latest tweet Jan 02, 2017.

1,408 subscribers and 51 Videos.

750 Followers + 442 Posts. Latest Posting Jan 4, 2017.

Our Competitors. By the numbers. Yes, we're winning.

Modern Wireless

177 followers Latest activity: May 24,2016.

76 followers. 14 Posts. December 12, 2016.

20 Followers. 11 Tweets.

76 Followers. 14 Posts.



467,183 likes + DAILY POSTS!

733 followers. Last Tweet Jan 05,2017.

241 subscribers + 36 videos



100 Followers. 100 likes

6 followers 0 posts.

We saved the best for last.

Introducing RSW website version 4.0. New look. Fully responsive.

In 2017, we will continue to build and grow an online presence within our social media media network.

5 ways we will boost our Social Media awareness.

1. Social share and follow buttons Make our content shareable with social share buttons. Not only do they help us increase awareness of our content, but when we provide our visitors the opportunity to share our content easily, we're also improving user experience.

2. Social Login Did you know that 73% of users prefer to log in to a site with social login, as opposed to providing an email address and creating a new account. Improve our website visitors’ experience with social login, and increase our website registration conversions and retention.

3. Social Video Social videos are videos that are created and shared on social networks. The added bonus of social videos for marketers is that they provide an easy social media integration for our website.

4. Instagram photos This social media integration feature is perfect to showcase our Instagram photos on our website. Embedding your Instagram photos in blog posts allows you to capture new followers from our website visitors.

5. Social Proof With 79% of consumers trusting social proof as much as personal recommendations, it’s important to integrate the proper social widgets on our website to increase sales and website conversions.


Social Media 101. The what, why and how.


The WHAT. Instagram is a 90% visual and 10% text platform.
The WHY. Instagram users are 58 times more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 times more likely than Twitter users. All data indicates that users are moving away from Twitter and Facebook and shifting their time to Instagram. This absolutely proves that Instagram is the best social and mobile platform for brands to reach audiences that are willing to engage.

Customers crave to visually share their stories, reactions, and experiences—Instagram offers a platform for this with its unique ability to highlight visual content (and all marketers know that visual content is king).

Content on Instagram is simply more sharable, easier to understand, and far more universal than other types of content.

Visual storytelling is an art form on Instagram. In order to capture the attention of that audience you must be active on the platform, creating content that is not only engaging but also shareable for your target audience.

How to improve ours? Feature daily posts that cover the best deals, the latest company updates, and any tips relating to your industry.

Photo Contests + Daily posts featuring Blufire wireless product, promotional offers and lifestyle.

We will use WishPond for Photo Contests and Hashtag Contests. Wishpond is a Easy Lead Generation Software where you can run Facebook sweepstakes, photo contests, Instagram hashtag contests and more.

Social Media 101. The what, why and how.


The WHAT. Facebook is a 50% visual and 50% text platform.
The WHY. Facebook has over 890 million daily active users and in Q4 2016 a revenue of $3,851 million. Today these numbers are making Facebook the third largest population (behind China and India). Facebook is clear winner as the largest social media community out there.

Many businesses are still unaware of the advantages of connecting with their customers on social. In fact, 93 percent of buying decisions are based on social media. Ignoring social channels can be detrimental to businesses, and those who do will find it to be a costly mistake, especially when we consider that 72 percent of consumers are more likely to stay engaged with brands because of social media.

92 percent of consumers trust third party endorsements and family and friends more than they trust brand marketing. Therefore, in order to ensure a profitable future, brands need to connect and engage with the digital generation.

Brand ambassadors. In order to increase brand awareness, we need to transform digital native customers into brand advocates and this can only be done if the relationship has been cultivated. The key for us is to encourage consumers to endorse the brand and play a real part within Rush Star Wireless. Once we have built a strong following we must then feed our appreciation back to our audience. Reward the most loyal and socially influential followers; make them feel part of us rather than just another customer.

Social reputation. Social channels facilitate transparent communication between us and our customers, in turn enabling us to be viewed as a trusted source. Other brands use social as a way of cross-promoting products via our own community, by letting consumers recommend products to other customers. The key for us is to stay ahead of the game. Customers now demand more from brands than ever before, and they have never played such an important role to our reputation. Without social visibility, we will find it extremely difficult to interact with underground influencers who are shaping the future.

HOW to improve ours? Feature daily current technology events in the wireless industry. Along with Instagram, we will use Wishpond to hold photo contests and run Facebook Sweepstakes.
  • Be authentic: Share what WE are genuinely excited about and our customers will be excited too.
  • Be responsive: When people comment on our posts, we need to show that we are listening and that we care. If we need more time to answer a question, we will let them know we are looking into it.
  • Be consistent: The more regularly we post, the more opportunity we will have for connecting with people and building trust. Setting a schedule for our posts can also help maximize marketing team’s time.
  • Do what works: Replicate our success on posts that get more engagement.
Make successful posts into successful promotions: When you notice that a post is getting a lot of engagement, promote it to reach even more people. When people like, comment on or share your posts, their friends are also eligible to see those posts in News Feed.

Social Media 101. The what, why and how.


The WHAT. Twitter is 40% visual and 60% text platform.

10 Reasons WHY.

1. Connecting with customers. This IS the main reason we should use twitter for our business. Since our customers are using twitter, the connection is effortless. Twitter has become a daily routine, where people log onto it every single day, some log onto twitter the first thing they wake up even before brushing their teeth. If we have an unsatisfied customer we will hear from them on twitter. Communication is instant.

2. Branding. We have enough equity in our brand that says we are "reachable" and not a robot.

3. Customers feedback. We need to reconnect with our customers. As a result, we will be getting feedback on how you can improve our product, our technology, and maybe even improve our customers service. Listening to them will help you us in the future.

4. Marketing. One of the reasons to use twitter is for the simple fact that you get to market your product or services to more people and the best part about that is it's FREE. Nuff said.

5. News. We can also use the platform to share our latest company updates, announce new products, and post any technology-related events.

6. Give away coupon codes and promotions. You can also tweet about new deals and provide coupons codes to help give your company the extra boost. Everyone loves getting a good deal. Whether it's a promotional lunch set, if it's cheap. I want it. You don’t have to be a big company in order to do this. You can have a normal business as well. If you have a restaurant and you have build loyal or new followers in your place you can send out tweet like “Having a special set lunch this weekend.” or something like that. They can tweet you for more information regarding that. I am going to teach you how you can get local twitter followers and influencers.

7. Twitter is Viral. If you’ve have succeeded gaining some popularity with your twitter account you will know how viral twitter can be. This will be part of your marketing strategies that you can use in the future. Many other companies have succeeded in making their tweets viral with their promotional tweets.

8. Spying on competition. Did you know you can spy on competition, too? The best part about this is that it's FREE. By doing a simple twitter search you can not only read what customers are talking about you, but you can also read what customers are talking about your competition. If your competition is not doing anything with their customers complaints. Then what happens if you (the savior) suddenly tweet them “hey I heard you have a problem with…..” Just an example.

9. Increase Sales. Twitter can help you increase sales and make PROFIT. Dell is one of the company that have increase their sales on twitter. How much sales? Imagine $6.5 million in sales as reported at Mashable

10. Brand loyalty. By engaging our customers on twitter they will be loyal to your brand for a long time.

How to improve? Feature daily tweets that cover the best deals, the latest technology trends, and tips relating to your industry.
  • Track mentions – and respond if appropriate.
  • Tweet regularly.
  • Follow Trends and #'s. Tagging posts with one or two relevant and trending hashtags will reach new users.
  • GET VISUAL: Photos and videos drive three to four more clicks on Twitter.
  • Connect! Make sure Twitter is integrated with our marketing efforts. Twitter, like other social media platforms, is much more effective when integrated with your other marketing activities.
  • Use Twitter analytics. Using Twitter's native analytics daily will grasp what's resonating and what's not with our audience. In the analytics dashboard, you'll be able to tell what your best days to tweet are, the types of content that are more favored and the demographics of the followers that you're attracting. We currently use Hubspot for analytics for real time monitoring.

Social Media 101. The what, why and how.


The WHAT. YouTube is a global video-sharing platform.
The WHY? It is an Effective way to popularize our product, get feedback and increase our site's traffic.
HOW to improve ours? Produce original, engaging and technology driven content.

Produce targeted videos for our YouTube Channel.

  • Create video B Roll for Six Star Guarantee Page.
  • Tracfone Retail Program Training videos.
  • Consultalk Explainer videos.
  • TRACFONE STORE testimonials.
  • 3D animated Mascot "RUSH" the Top Dog!

How we measure our online marketing efforts and campaigns.

We now have a HubSpot account that we monitor, build and track our competitors and online community.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software company that helps businesses transform their marketing from outbound (cold calls, email spam, trade shows, tv ads, etc) lead generation to inbound lead generation enabling them to "get found" by more potential customers in the natural course of the way they shop and learn.

Real time tools. Campaign analysis and marketing grade.

Twitter account monitoring.

Digital Marketing. Who is doing it right in our industry.


115,027 Facebook Likes. Latest activity: Nov 5, 2016 with daily posts.

6,721 likes + 3,278 tweets. Latest activity Jan 4,2017.

2,672 You Tube Channel Subscribers. 124 Videos.



Local marketing. We will launch a coupon incentive program at our TracFone Exclusive Retail stores. Coming in January 2017.

Expanding our reach in 2017.


Blufire 2.0. We are excited to announce a lifestyle rebrand and website launch. Coming soon...

Technology meets today's lifestyle. Wireless delivered fast and simple.

The redesigned Blufire shop features High-Quality images, bold typography, and a simple color palette.
The underlying grid structure allow the content to shift seamlessly when transitioning from a desktop browser to a mobile device.

Blufire lifestyle shopping experience. Coming soon...

Meet Rush! Your top dog leader in wireless distribution!

Introducing RUSH ( or Ari the Lion ) . A trusted, friendly, branded mascot. "Rush" will add value and brand equity to the already established Rush Star Wireless name in 2017. We propose a Q1 social media campaign introduction targeting a global audience. Rush will play a key marketing message role in product, dealer and in store promotions. #TopDog!

LION Mascot for proposal - Ari the Lion

Marketing team. Our next steps.

Targeted campaign initiatives that will promote our trusted services and brand awareness across all social media channels.
  • Review with executive team our goals / online proposal - Joey + Marvin
  • Be Active on our social networks which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram daily.
  • Run targeted campaigns every month on each Social media network.
  • Leverage partnerships with Tracfone, Simple Mobile etc for cross social media promotions.
  • Proactive planning and approach. Schedule out next 30 - 45 days from Marketing. Email Blasts / campaigns etc.
  • Ownership - Individual assignment of tasks + planning proposal goals.
  • Bluefire - Design and develop a brand new sleek branding style for Blufire Mobile.


“Whether you are working in pixels of code, details will make the difference” RSW Marketing Team

2017 Goals - Cody Hamwway, Director Web Development + Lifestyle Technology

  1. Design, develop and launch
  2. Explore and develop
  3. Continue the advancement of the Freellinkmobile Portal.
  4. Develop and launch Bluefiremobile Shopping Experience.

2017 Goals - Johnny Villamar, Designer

  1. Make further use of inbound marketing strategies in order to better target our audience, turn visitors into leads, and convert them to customers.
  2. Increase our social media presence to attract and grow our follower count across the board. Employing the use of storytelling, providing incentives to join our community, and posting regularly will ensure that our brand reaches new heights.
  3. Provide art direction in areas ranging from email campaigns, to web design, and even video production.
  4. Introduce Bilingual designs for all customer-facing platforms in order to appeal to our spanish-speaking audience.
  5. Design and develop a brand new sleek branding style for Blufire Mobile in collaboration with Marketing Team.

2017 Goals - Tavis Iam, Developer

  1. Set and utilize inbound marketing strategies across all platforms and media.
  2. Increase user acquisition efforts, launch and manage ad campaigns on FB and/or other platforms.
  3. Maintain consistent social media presence by initiating promos, polls and contests, increasing impressions and leads.
  4. Improve traffic and SEO between all sites and social media.

Goal number one. Keeping our #edge.

We need to communicate our message with a purpose in 2017! As Americas most trusted wireless distributor, we will focus our marketing efforts to lead the wireless distribution industry. We need to constantly experiment different ways to build relationships with consumers and allow them to experience our brand in a way that is totally unlike any other. With a background in broadcast news, I highly recommend we adopt a newsroom-like mentality where we are relevant, resourceful and engaging. We need to continue to be a Top Dog brand and assign key people within our company to be active on all Social Media accounts...every day. Lets make 2017 a #GAMECHANGER.

“Legendary service is one of the criteria that sets one company apart from its competitors. It’s the mark of a truly authentic company – you just can’t fake caring!” RSW Marketing Team
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