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Video games have been coming out with the ability to be played with a virtual reality headset. This gives a gamer the sense that they are in the game. With commercial virtual reality headsets becoming more common, this opens a whole new world to videos games. With people coming up with amazing video game simulations like from The Vision of Infinite Dimension or The VOID, The use of a custom setting and virtual reality make the video game experience seem like real life. A similar concept for racing VR video game the Castrol EDGE. This takes real life cars on an obstacle course that has a sci-fi world simulated from a computer onboard in the car and visualized on VR headsets. Virtual Reality is one huge literal game changer. Maybe in the not so distant future these virtual realities will be available just like going to the movies.



Microsoft introduced a new product in development last year which put a full computer on your head and lets you interact with it using voice commands and hand gestures with augmented objects. Using this technology can be very useful to people with jobs that design and build products. One of the examples that Microsoft gave was the ability to see yourself on the surface of Mars. Another was someone taking a 2D design of a premium motorcycle and seeing it in full 3D on their desk. With these abilities the HoloLens has, it could be used for many productivity apps. It could help with light simulations and accurate 3D designing. All of this running on the HoloLens without any cords connecting it to another PC. With this being in development, many of the features could be changed until its final release.

Check out all the devices below

A cost efficient way to experience virtual reality using the Google Cardboard app on an already HD screen, your smartphone.

Being in development for a few years now, Google Glass augments the Android UI using a tiny screen in front of the top corner of your eye.

With its official release sometime next year, The Oculus Rift kickstarted a whole new era of VR gaming with hundreds of titles available to play.

Microsoft's HoloLens which offers augmented reality with the power of Windows 10.

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