Spring Break 2K17 Meera Al-jamal

On the Go: I took this picture when we were on the plain on our way to Turkey, Istanbul. I took this photo because I liked how the Qatar Airways oryx was shown with the sunset and how it was placed on the side.
This was at a shopping mall in the middle of Istanbul and I took it because I really liked how all the shops were next to each other and how they all showed in the photo
I took this picture because I really liked the color contrast and how the tree and lamp were placed on the sides of the rule of thirds
This picture was in a theme park called VIALAND I took it because i liked the road pattern and how it blended with the houses and skies
The pink popped out because when the sun reflected on it it turned lighter and brighter.
The clock made the building pop out from the rest of the things and so did the flowers and plants.
I liked how the white building looked with the skies
I took this picture because I wanted to show how I used the rule of thirds and so I placed the building on the side to show it

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