Sanger High Football (Come out and play)

When coming out that tunnel it means something for Sanger football. Sprinting on and of the field. Leaving everything on the field. Coming out of that tunnel in front of our full standing with some many people must be a dream
Logos - Football makes us change coaches telling you what to do helping you with things leads to school football kids in school behave good because they most like love or care about football.
Ethos - varsity year we get a sticker on our helmet meaning that we deserved to be on this team. If you don't go all out or don't care then just take the jersey and helmet of and leave.
Pathos - jalen cropper I played with him since we were 5 years old. He was the team player this year fighting to get to the goal line. Just like you see in this picture
To be apart of this football team coaches really hover over you by getting you grades done. If it's you could play with a 2.1 or high but they don't want you that low. Our last 3 games last years coach sat half of our player out for it because of there grades. Every Friday for film if you didn't have a 3.0 or high you had to stay in to make sure your fine with grades
In this picture you see Sanger high football on channel 30 news. Our football program been so good over the years being recognized. So think about trying out next year.

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