trip To Uganda 2016 Join us on our final part of our stay at the Lifeline Schools in Uganda!

Trip to Uganda

Seven Glocal LifeLearn members went to Uganda for two weeks in August 2016. We visited the Lifeline Schools, our local partner, and had an unforgettable week. This gallery shows pictures of our encounter with the first student in the sponsorship programme and of the important milestones we achieved together with our Ugandan partners.

Meeting Amuron Ruth

Amuron Ruth was the first supported student in the sponsorship programme "Lifeline Uganda". Between 2009 and 2014, the programme paid Amuron's school fees. After completing secondary school she managed to receive a sponsorship from the Ugandan government to pursue a university degree. She is currently studying information technology in Kampala.

We were impressed to see how she has become a self-confident woman and to see how the sponsorship program can positively impact a person's life. Amuron is making the most of her talents and opportunities!

Proud that we had the chance to support such a talented and skilled young woman!
Our sponsorship has grown into a friendship!

Vision workshop

Together with the directors and head teachers of the three Lifeline schools, we held a vision workshop.The objective of this workshop was to identify what direction the sponsorship programme should take, to define the boundaries of the programme and identify potential risks that we have to take into account.

We formed three mixed groups to discuss different issues.

The Outcomes

These are the most important outcomes of the workshop.

Group 1: Partnership and future collaboration

As a short-term goal, Glocal LifeLearn and the Lifeline Schools decided to increase the number of supported children. We have agreed to extend the sponsorship programme to the Kachumbala Lifeline Schools.

As a long-term goal, Glocal LifeLearn will seek for opportunities to finance a vocational training programme for students who completed secondary school. Our Ugandan partners identified this as a priority. They say that the skills acquired in school alone are not sufficient to pursue a job.

Group 2: Boundaries of the Sponshorship Programme

This group concludes that the Lifeline Schools and Glocal LifeLearn have the capacity to minister a greater number of sponsorships. There are many more households with children who need support in their education.

Group 3: Risks and mitigation

Major risks have been identified such as the dropout of sponsors or of children already in the programme due to their families' poverty. We will jointly develop a risk management plan to set up measures to improve programme sustainability and quality.

memorandum of understanding

The purpose of this document is to clearly state the objective of the partnership and the responsibilities of each party in the sponsorship programme. The document is not legally binding, but rather serves as the written basis and a strong framework that guides better cooperation and communication.

Julia and Michael signing the memorandum of understanding
Setting momentum of our partnership!
"Alone we can do so little - together we can do so much"

Our goal: 10 more sponsorships until 2017

Help us to achieve this goal and recommend our programme to your family, friends and colleagues

We believe that our sponsorship programme is an excellent initiative that helps children to receive a strong education, which can then give them better opportunities in life. By paying school fees we also help their families by relieving them from one financial burden. Our Ugandan partner is deeply rooted in the community, is dedicated and trustworthy and want to improve the educational performance of the area. The vast majority of donations (>95%) go directly into the children’s education. For these reasons we have set our goal by the end of this year to support 10 more children.

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