Tracing Our Roots 4th Grade Heritage Project and celebration

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

Our Lower School Heritage curriculum encompasses a variety of subjects that come together to educate and broaden the fourth grade child’s world view.

The Science of Trees, Leaves, and Forests

Science class begins to lay the ecological groundwork for what will become an integrated metaphor for the study of their cultural and individual heritages.

Social Studies

Studies of early U.S. and Kentucky history lead to the discussion on cultural heritage and how we all got here. Field trip to Fort Boonesboro is hands-on history.

Art of theTree

Art of the Family Tree

Art of Collage

After researching their personal heritages and family cultures, students create poetry collages that visually tell their stories.

Language Arts

In Library class, students research their family histories and cultures.

Abc's of me scrapbooks

Students collect research and compile historically relevant facts and images about their ancestries in "ABC's of Me" scrapbooks. They share these living documents with their families on Heritage Day.

Family Share Time "ABC's of Me" Scrapbooks

"About Me" Poems

Students bring their histories closer and closer as they write narrative poems about their personal experiences.

I am from a drawing. From ice cream and chocolate syrup. I am from the sparkle on the kitchen floor. Shiny, polished, smooth. I am from nature, creative. I’m from traveling and laughter. I’m from the yelling to quiet. From being loving to do what you are supposed to do. -- Aubrey
I am from toys on the floor From empty Kroger bags and too many pillows I am from pictures all over the walls Old, big smells like coffee I am from the mud in my backyard It’s good for digging in I’m from eating too much food and tall people.--Norah
I am from Computers From Dell And Acer. I Am From The brick house with woods, wolves, sharp, slick teeth. I am from roses, red roses smelling of sweetness. I’m from Eid and music. I'm from the cool bed and solid windows. From “there are no elevators to success, you must take the stairs” and “you can always fix a broken window.” I'm from Muslim religion, and I am proud of that. -- Younis

The Physical Education of Folk Dancing!

Musical and Narrative Performance

Every student participates in a variety of ways in this magnificent performance. There's no hiding behind this tree. Costumes, songs, instruments, narrative voices, dancing, student-created backdrops and props, this "Heritage Day: Tracing Our Roots" performance is a collection of courage and a culmination of learning.

Costumes, songs, instruments, narrative voices, dancing, student-created backdrops and props, this Heritage Day: Tracing Our Roots performance is a collection of courage and a culmination of learning.

Cultural Feast and Celebration

Lida: Today we CELEBRATE all of the trees that surround us, but especially the family trees we represent. ALL: These trees are the true CelebriTrees.

Sydney: I am from the always growing and always lasting family tree. Emeline: We are children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who put down roots here. Mahalia: From all over the world, our ancestors were transplanted here. Claire: Some did not come by choice. They became seeds for freedom and equality. Avery: Our ancestors were willing to be planted in this place so we could thrive and branch out. Aubrey: Our costumes represent places of origin—where many of our family tree seeds were first sown. Amanuel: While we look different and have different family traditions, we are creating a living forest that can:

Give shelter and shade, provide places of rest and welcome, carry and share stories, survive the hard times and grow beyond the scars.We are adding branches and strengthening our roots. We are growing. We are The Living Stories: Trying, Loving, Standing, True, Loyal, Strong.We are Trees.

Thank You!

Thank you to the teachers who collaborated so beautifully on this learning experience, to the parents who partnered in so many ways, and especially to Elizabeth Wooster, music teacher, who led the culmination of this amazing interdisciplinary study of our global and personal culture and heritage.

We are the living stories, trying, loving, standing, true, loyal, strong. We are trees.