Journey By letzy garcia

The picture of different places

Two of them were of busy working builds , high and bright

All lit up with little lights, of course different colors

Ranging from blue to white.

The others Showed the curiosity of the world

the world One day she may never see again, Or The adventurers

All adventure had something so so burning and wild

It's like a burning situation

Hand hurting from the rooks

The boots gripped the rooks

The free version of her

As if she was a crazy to clime

up so high with but Bear hands and feet

She heard the crying of her mother to come down

but she kept climbing slowly

Soon she would fall like dust on the medals

the dust was on the medals , trophies , old pictures of a once little girl

Who loved to dance her little feet of

She knew that one day it wouldn't mean anything ,

that she would grow out that Phase in her life

but she would start another character in her life

all work of kicking and punching , hoping was a WASTE !

Yet she worked her hardest .

At least she would have something new to do in her life later on .

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