The song carries a mellow type of vibe throughout,as the guys add that swaggy WTF Trap flow which makes it into a feel good song.We've discovered that a lot of people especially our fans love this song and relate the same way to it.It is a sing along song but the person listening to it has a small difficulty singing along to some of the lyrics because of lingo's and switching of flows.What better way then to make this a karaoke competition video,to engage with our fans and also have them learn the lyrics in a fun way.

The music video will be a story whereby we are hosting a karaoke competition having ourselves as the judges.Where we'll have some of our fans and also normal people like old people preferably different races to participate in the competition to add that humor to the video.

DIALOGUE :(White Host) Quiet please!!!! thank you.. I'd like to welcome you all to Witness The Funk's " Fookuzar " Karaoke Competition and I'll be your host tonight.Please welcome our Judges Witness The Funk.(crowd screams,applauses)..(White Host) " Alright thats enough thats enough!!! Lets get down to business,the only rule is dont get too close to the microphone because its going to sound irritating and I'll get pissed off and disqualify you...Alright lets get cut the (beep) and get this party started I have a bingo night to attend to...

The first contestant steps on stage as song begins.As we have cut aways of the venue and audience.Each contestant has a 5 second performance scene singing along cutting away to us judging judging their performance with the score boards.
We are also going to have a camera performance scene towards camera by the judging table every now and then.
We are going to have the song lyrics on the main screen throughout the entire song at the bottom of the screen (Subtitles).
Cut aways of old people having fun dancing in the bacground.
Cut aways of the audience having fun,more of a party vibe going on,people dancing.
Host announcing the winner.

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